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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-1985Demographic surveillance system-Matlab Vol 13: cause of death reporting in Matlab source book of cause-specific mortality rates 1975-1981Zimicki, Susan; Nahar, Lutfun; Sarder, A.M.; D'Souza, Stan
Oct-1996Demographic surveillance system-Matlab Vol 26:1993 population census population censusNahar, Lutfun; Sarder, Abdul Majid; van Ginneken, Jeroen K.; Khan, Md. Khayrul
Mar-1998Demographic surveillance system-Matlab Vol 29: 1996 socio economic censusRazzaque, Abdur; Nahar, Lutfun; Sarder, Abdul Mazid; van Ginneken, Jeroen K.; Shaikh, M.A. Kashem
Nov-1995Determinants of age at marriage and first birth in Matlab, Bangladesh [abstract]Nahar, Lutfun; Rahman, Mizanur
Mar-1995Influence of bari characteristics on contraceptive use among mothers in MatlabNahar, Lutfun
1987Measles case fatality among the under-fives: a multivariate analysis of risk factors in a rural area of BangladeshBhuiya, Abbas; Wojtyniak, Bogdan; D'Souza, Stan; Nahar, Lutfun; Shaikh, Kashem
1990Relative importance of factors associated with infant mortality in rural Bangladeh[book chapter]Shaikh, Kashem; Nahar, Lutfun; Mostafa, Golam; Wai, Lokky; Foster, Andrew
2003The survival benefit of measles immunization may not be explained entirely by the prevention of measles disease: a community study from rural BangladeshAaby, Peter; Bhuiya, Abbas; Nahar, Lutfun; Knudsen, Kim; de Francisco, Andres; Strong, Michael
2001Women's empowerment and reproductive change in rural Bangladesh [research report]Mahmud, Simeen; Razzaque, Abdur; Nahar, Lutfun