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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Surveillance Updates 2018 Jan-May-
May-2018Impact of low-cost bidding on a Contracted-Out (CO) : urban primary health care project in Bangladesh: Implications for changeKhan, Shaan Muberra; Islam, Rubana; Hossain, Shahed; Bashar, Farzana; Yusuf, Sifat S; Sikder, Adel A. S.; Adams, Alayne
May-2018Roles and retention of Doctors under the Urban Primary Health Care Project in BangladeshBashar, Farzana; Islam, Rubana; Hossain, Shahed; Khan, Shaan Muberra; Sikder, Adel A. S.; Yusuf, Sifat S; Adams, Alayne
May-2018Increased caesarean deliveries in rural Bangladesh : what is an influence and what can be done?Begum, Tahmina; Rahman, Aminur; Hoque, Dewan Emdadul; Nababan, Herfina Yohana; Khan, Al Fazal; ali, Taslim; Anwar, Iqbal
2018Health and Demographic Surveillance System–Matlab, v. 51. Registration of health and demographic events 2016Haq, Muhammad Zahirul; Alam, Shajratul; Haider, Md. Moinuddin; Rahman, Md. Mahfuzur; Mustafa, A. H. M. Golam; Saha, Sajal Kumar; Barua, Samiran; Alam, Sayed Saidul; Ali, Taslim; Alam, Nurul; Nahar, Quamrun
2018Surveillance Updates 2018 Jan-Apricddr, b
2018Shasthya Sanglap 2018 April, Vol. 26 No. 3 (Choitro 1424)-
2018Surveillance Updates 2018 Jan-Mar-
2018Surveillance Updates-
2018Chakaria health and demographic surveillance system report – 2016 : focusing on the Sustainable Development GoalsHanifi, S. M. A.; Sulatan, Amena; Mia, Mohammad Nahid; Hoque, Shahidul; Mahmood, Shehrin Shaila; Iqbal, Mohammad; Bhuiya, Abbas
Jan-2016Menstrual regulation : a decision tainted with stigma, pain, and suffering ; an anthropological studyKhan, Rasheda; Khanom, Afroza; Sultana, Marzia; Akhter, Rashida; Bilkis, Sayeda; Ali, Nabeel Ashraf
28-Feb-2018Surveillance Updates-
Dec-2017Shasthya Sanglap 2017 December, Vol. 26 No. 2 (Ogrohayon 1424)-
2017Qualitative study examining migration, maternal health care, and family planning practices among slum dwellers living in Dhaka and ChittagongGazi, Rukhsana; Nahar, Quamrun; Shelly, Sayeda Bilkis; Streatfield, Peter Kim; Blum, Lauren S.
Aug-2017Shasthya Sanglap 2017 August, Vol. 26 No. 1 (Srabon 1424)-
2017icddr,b annual report 2016icddr, b
2012Initial demographic surveillance system report for the icddr,b Bandarban feld siteScobie, Heather; Ahmed, Sabeena; Ram, Malathi; Hossain, Md Sharif; Prue, Chai Shwai; Khyang, Jacob; Sullivan, David; Streatfield, Peter Kim; Khan, Wasif Ali; Sack, David
2012Counting the numbers of males who have sex with males, male sex workers and Hijra in Bangladesh to provide HIV preventing servicesKhan, Sharful Islam; Reza, Md. Masud; Gourab, Gorkey; Hussain, Md. Iftekher; Deb, Paritosh Kumar; Ahmed, Tanvir; Shahriar, Ahmed; Alam, Md. Nazmul; Alam, Md. Shah; Rana, A K M Masud; Azim, Tasnim
2012Manual on how to apply research evidence in health policy in BangladeshAnwar, Iqbal; Rahman, Aminur; Ferdous, Jannatul; Ahmed, Shibbir; Akhter, Sadika; Hossain, Shaikh A. Shahed; Huda, Fauzia Akhter; Al Mamun, M.; Al Haque, Nafis; Islam, Nazrul; Islam, Syed Shariful; Aulakh, Bhupinder Kaur
2017Health and demographic surveillance system. Volume Fifty. Registration of health and demographic events 2015Rahman, Md. Mahfuzur; Haider, Md. Moinuddin; Haq, Muhammad Zahirul; Saha, Sajal Kumar; Ali, Taslim; Alam, Nurul; Nahar, Quamrun