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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-1995Acceptance of contraceptive by the poorest of the poor: the effect of an intensive Family Planning ProgrammeBhuiya, Abbas; Chowdhury, A.M.R.; Hossain, Monir
Feb-2001Anaemia among non-pregnant women in rural BangladeshHyder, S.M. Ziauddin; Persson, Lars-Ake; Chowdhury, A.M.R.; Ekstrom, Eva-Charlotte
Mar-2000Anemia during pregnancy in rural Bangladesh : can it be controlled by iron supplements(abstract)Ekstrom, E-C; Hyder, Z.; Chowdhury, A.M.R.; Habicht, J-P; Lonnerdal, B.; Persson, L.A.
Jul-1998Chronic energy deficiency in women from rural Bangladesh: some socioeconomic determinantsAhmed, Syed Masud; Adams, Alayne; Chowdhury, A.M.R.; Bhuiya, Abbas
1998Demystifying the control of tuberculosis in rural Bangladesh[book chapter]Chowdhury, A.M.R.; Vaughan, J. Patrick; Chowdhury, Sadia; Abed, Fazle H.
2002Do side-effects reduce compliance to ironsupplementation:a study of daily-and weekly-dose regimens in pregnancyHyder, S.M. Ziauddin; Persson, Lars Ake; Chowdhury, A.M.R.; Ekström, Eva-Charlotte
18-Nov-2007Effect of BRAC's rural development programme on calorie consumptionKhatun, Masuma; Bhuiya, Abbas; Chowdhury, A.M.R.; Hyder, S.M. Ziauddin
1990Effectiveness of a nutrition education program in rural Bangladesh[book]Choudhury, Abu Yusuf; Banu, Laila Arjumand; Chowdhury, A.M.R.
Jun-1999Expanded programme on immunization and nutrition of under-five children : experiences from Matlab, BangladeshAmhed, S.M.; Chowdhury, A.M.R.; Bhuiya, A.
1999Immunization in enclaved populations [book chapter]Bhuiya, A.; Begum, S.A.; Chowdhury, A.M.R.
1998Income-earning women from rural Bangladesh: changes in attitude and knowledgeAhmed, Syed Masud; Adams, Alayne; Chowdhury, A.M.R.; Bhuiya, Abbas
Aug-2001Iron supplementation during pregnancy is associated with lower birth weight among Bangladeshi women with short body stature(abstract)Ekstrom, E-C; Hyder, Z.; Chowdhury, A.M.R.; Persson, L.A.
1999The 'near miracale revisitedChowdhury, A.M.R.; Aziz, K.M.A.; Bhuiya, Abbas
1999Perception about immunization : results of the Bhairab Study [book chapter]Bhuiya, Abbas; Mol, D.; Mahbub, A.; Sultana, S.; Begum, S.A; Begum, I.; Karim, F.; Chowdhury, A.M.R.
Mar-1995Pregnancy outcome and child survival among divorced women in Matlab, Bangladesh[abstract]Bhuiya, Abbas; Chowdhury, A.M.R.
1993Risk factors for mortality in the Bangladesh cyclone of 1991Bern, C.; Sniezek, J.; Mathbor, G.M.; Siddiqi, M.S.; Ronsmans, C.; Chowdhury, A.M.R.; Choudhury, A.E.; Islam, K.; Bennish, M,; Noji, E.; Glass, R.I.
2003Sustainable community-based safe water options to mitigate the Bangladesh arsenic catastrophe- an experience from two upazilasJakariya, Md.; Chowdhury, A.M.R.; Hossain, Zabed; Rahman, Mizanur; Sarker, Quaiyum; Khan, Ruhul Islam; Rahman, Mahfuzar
Mar-1996Women's education and employment: Matlab experienceKhan, S.R.; Chowdhury, A.M.R.; Ahmed, S.M.; Bhuiya, A.