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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-1999Sexual regimes and sexual networking: the risk of an HIV/AIDS epidemic in BangladeshCaldwell, Bruce; Pieris, Indrani; Barkat-e-Khuda; Caldwell, John; Caldwell, Pat
2000Socioeconomic and health implications of adult deaths in families of rural BangladeshRoy, Nikil Chandra; Kane, Thomas T.; Barkat-e-Khuda; Haque, Indrani
Dec-2001Socioeconomic and health implications of adult deaths in families of rural BangladeshRoy, Nikhil Chandra; Kane, Thomas T.; Barkat-e-Khuda
1999Strategies to meet the health needs of adolescents : a reviewNahar, Quamrun; Amin, Selina; Sultan, Rafiqus; Nazrul, Hazera; Islam, Meghla; Kane, Thomas T.; Barkat-e-Khuda; Tunon, Cristobal
1997Strenghtening outreach sites through an approach conbining satellite clinics withextended proramme on immuization (EPI)Hasan, Yousuf; Barkat-e-Khuda; Levin, Ann
1996Strengthening front-line supervision to improve performance of family planning field workers in BangladeshAshraf, Ali; Dunston, Amy Gale; Hasan, Yousuf; Barkat-e-Khuda; Maru, Rushikesh
1998Teenage pregnancy and its consequences: evidence from rural BangladeshRoy, Nikhil C.; Mozumder, A.B.M. Khorshed A; Ahmed, Shameem; Barkat-e-Khuda
1999Use of a sub-district hospital for management of obstettric complications in rural BangladeshAhmed, Shameem; Islam, Ariful; Mitra, Dipak Kumar; Khanum, Parveen A.; Barkat-e-Khuda
1997Visions for the future[book chapter]Barkat-e-Khuda; Kane, Thomas T.; Phillips, James F.
2001Wast management in healthcare facilities : a reviewNessa, Khairun; Quaiyum, M. A.; Barkat-e-Khuda
2002Why do the children of the poor die in Dhaka, BangladeshCaldwell, Bruce K.; Caldwell, John C.; Barkat-e-Khuda; Pieris, Indrani