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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001A pilot study to assess antioxidant status in healthy and malnourished Bangladesh childrenJamil, K.M.A.
2002Effect of psychosocial stimulation and parental counseling on cognitive function of severely malnourished children in a nutritional rehabilitation unitNahar, Baitun
2003Epidemiology and etiology of encephalitis in BangladeshHossain, Md. Jahangir; Breiman, Robert F.
2002Effects of frequency of feeding and energy density of complementary foods on total energy intakes by healthy, breastfeed children in Bangladesh: preliminary study to determine the number of days required to detect the changes in breast milk intake following introduction of complementary foods with varied energy densityIslam, Md. Munirul; Ahmed, Tahmeed
2002Introduction of new hypo-osmolar ORS to routine use in the management of diarrhoeal diseaseAlam, Md. Nur Haque
2002Efficacy of Benefiber-added, reduced-osmolarity WHO-ORS in the treatment of cholera in adultsAlam, Md. Nur Haque
2002Daycare-based management of severe pneumonia in under 5 children when hospitalization is not possible due to the lack of bedsAshraf, Hasan
2002Estimation of the average vitamin A requirement of adult malesJamil, K.M.A.
2003Prevalence of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C virus infections in a selected community of Dhaka City, Bangladesh and the identification of the risk factors for acquiring the infectionAshraf, Hasan
2003Studies of mucosal and systemic immune responses in Helicobacter pylori infected subjectsQadri, Firdausi