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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Mar-1987A study of patients with streptococcus pneumoniae bacteremia seen at ICDDR,B Dhaka HospitalAkramuzzaman, Syed Md.; Rahman, Mahbubur; Alam, A.N.; Sack, D.A.; Spika, John S.
29-Dec-1986Cholestyramine as an adjunct therapy of acute diarrhea in children treated according to the WHO guidelinesRautanen, Tarja; Vesikari, Timo; Alam, A.N.
18-Jul-1988Comparison of two L-alanine- glucose based oral rehydration solutions with the standard WHO-ORS formula in adults and children with acute watery diarrhoeaPatra, F.C.; Mahalanabis, Dilip; Alam, A.N.
17-Sep-1986Double blind, randomized clinical trial of ICS 205-930 as an antisectory agent in patients with choleraBardhan, P.K.; Alam, A.N.; Molla, A.M.; Gyr, K.
31-Mar-1992ICDDR,B survellance programme- clinical research centreAlam, A.N.; Mahalanabis, Dilip; Albert, John; Rahman, Nurur; Faruque, A.S.G.
23-Aug-1987Management of acute diarrhoea in diabetic patientsHaider, R.; Khan, A.K.Azad; Roy, S.K.; Alam, N.H.; Alam, A.N.; Mahtab, H.
21-Sep-1986Net intake and nuttrient absorption from defined diets in persistent diarrhea (Phase 1)Roy, S.K.; Haider, R.; Alam, A.N.; Patra, F.C.; Eeckels, R.; Molla, A.M.; Akbar, M.S.
18-Dec-1985Oral rehydration therapy wuth alanine-glucose ORS: a controlled clinical trialPatra, P.C.; Nath, S.K.; Mazumder, R.N.; Islam, A.; Alam, A.N.; Sack, D.A.; Eeckels, R.
7-Jul-1991Randomized double-blind trial of single-dose doxycycline in the treatment of cholera in childrenAlam, A.N.; Islam, M.R.; Mahalanabis, Dilip
7-Jan-1987Safety and effectiveness of flavoured Oral rehydration solution for treatment of infantile diarrhoeaPatra, F.C.; Sack, D.A.; Islam, A.; Alam, A.N.; Eeckels, Roger