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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Mar-2000A double-blind, randomised, plcebo controlled, parallel group study to assess the efficy, safty and trlerability of racecadotrill in the treatment of acute diarrhoea resulting from vibrio cholerae in adultsAlam, Nur Haque; Fuchs, George; Coulden, Sally; Seljan, Palma
8-Oct-2000An open, randomised clinical trial companng the efficacy and safety of a single dose of ciprofloxacin with erythromycin administered 6-hourly 3 days in children with choleraKhan, Wasif Ali; Chowdhury, Hafizur Rahman; Saha, Debasish; Rahman, Anisur
3-Apr-2000Clinical evaluation of green banana (amylase-resistant starch) in the management of childhood shigellosisHossain, M. Iqbal; Rabbani, G.H.; Fuchs, George; Khan, Ali Miraj; Khan, Wasif A.; Khatun, Nasheha
1-Jul-2002Effects of frequency of feeding and energy intakes by healthy, breastfed children in Bangladesh : preliminary study to determine the number of days required to detect the changes in breast milk intake following introduction of complementary foods with varied energy densityIslam, Md. Munirul; Ahmed, Tahmeed; Dewey, Kathryn G.
31-Jan-2001Evaluation of lactoferrin (Latex agglutination-Leuko-Test and a new dip stick-Leuko-Stick-Test) and modified guaiac-test (Colo-Rectal-Test) as screening tests in the diagnosis and differentiation of inflammatory and non-inflammatory diarrhoea in patients with acute infectious diarrhoeaAshraf, H.; Beltinger, Johannes; Alam, Nur Haque; Bardhan, P.K.; Sarker, S.A.; Faruque, A.S.G.
4-Feb-2000The efficacy of fish-oil supplementation to pregnant mothers on birth weight of their babiesKabir, A.K.M. Iqbal; Haider, Rukhsana; Akramuzzaman, Sayed; Fuchs, George J.
4-Jul-2000Use of metronidazole in improving nutritional rehabilitation of severly malnourshied children recovering from diarrhea: a randomized controlled trialAhmed, Tahmeed; Fuchs, George J.; Khan, Ali Miraj; Hossain, Md. Jahangir; Islam, Md. Munirul; Nahar, Baitun
2005Understanding the patterns of chronic obstetric morbidity and validation of the self report by women living in an urban slum district of Dhaka, BangladeshSultana, Samina
2005Efficacy of lysine supplementation in reducing attack rates of diarrhea in adults: a community-based randomized trial in urban BangladeshAhmed, Tahmeed
2005A pilot clinical trial to determine the potentials of a 3-day, 200 mg 6 hourly course of Rifaximin by comparing its efficacy with that of a 3-day, 500 mg 12 hourly dose of ciprofloxacin in the treatment of adults with clinically severe cholera due to V. cholerae O1 or O139Salam, M.A.