Molecular & evolutionary genetics & drug resistance of the gastric pathogen, Helicobacter pylori.

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dc.contributor.authorDatta, S.-
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dc.identifier.citationIndian J Med Res 2002 Mar;115:73-101en
dc.description.abstractAbstract Helicobacter pylori colonizes the gastric mucosa of more than half of all people worldwide and is the major cause of peptic ulcer disease and an early risk factor for gastric cancer, even though most infections are asymptomatic. Infection occurs preferentially in early childhood and once established tends to persist for years or decades. Much of the pathology H. pylori causes probably results from the host response to infection, which is affected by bacterial genotype, human host characteristics and environmental conditions. H. pylori is one of the most genetically diverse of bacterial species, with different genotypes predominating in different parts of the world. In particular, strains from India differ from those of Europe and East Asia in DNA sequence of several diagnostic gene segments. This outcome invites speculation about H. pylori origins and the possibility of Indian-specific genes that might be uncommon in Western strains. Much has been learned from H. pylori genome sequences, along with epidemiological, mutational, molecular and immunologic analyses. Candidate bacterial colonization and virulence genes and host responses are being identified, and the hypotheses being developed are amenable to tests in cell culture and animal models. These research efforts, many of which are collaborative and international, provide insights into mechanisms of establishment and persistence of H. pylori infection and virulence, and should lead to new, far more potent and cost effective anti-Helicobacter therapies or vaccines, and thereby major improvement in human health worldwideen
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dc.subjectDrug resistance, microbialen
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dc.subjectHelicobacter pylorien
dc.titleMolecular & evolutionary genetics & drug resistance of the gastric pathogen, Helicobacter pylori.en
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