Incidence of Aeromonas isolated from diarrhoeal children and study of some virulence factors in the isolates

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dc.identifier.citationBangladesh Med Res Counc Bull 1992 Dec;18(2):61-7en
dc.description.abstractStool samples from 305 children with diarrhoea and equal number of age and sex matched non-diarrhoeal control children, less than 5 years of age, were examined during the period from Sept 1988 to April 1989. Aeromonas spp. were isolated from 37 (12.1%) diarrhoeal and 05 (1.6%) control cases. Out of 37 diarrhoeal isolates 13 (35.1%) were A. hydrophila, 19 (51.1%) A. sobria and 05 (13.5%) A. caviae. All the isolated strains were tested for haem agglutination property and haemolysin production. Seventeen diarrhoeal and 05 control isolates were tested for cytotoxin production in He La cell line and enterotoxin production in rat ileal loop model and suckling mouse model. Chinese hamster ovary cell (CHO) assay and Gm-1 ELISA methods were also employed. Cytotoxin production was found in 82.5% of diarrhoeal and 40% of control isolates. Haemagglutination was found in 62.1% of Aeromonas isolated from diarrhoeal children and 20% from control children. Enterotoxin production was detected in 58.8% diarrhoeal and none of the control isolates by either of the methods. Of the virulence factors enterotoxin production was found to correlate well with enteropathogenicity but haemolysin, cytotoxin and haemagglutinin did noten
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dc.titleIncidence of Aeromonas isolated from diarrhoeal children and study of some virulence factors in the isolatesen
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