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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Nov-2007The ethnophysiology of digestion and diarrhoea in a Bangladeshi hospital population.Zeitlyn, S.; Rowshan, R.; Mahalanabis, D.; Faruque, A.
31-Oct-20071988 floods in Bangladesh: pattern of illness and causes of deathSiddique, A.K.; Baqui, A.H.; Eusof, A.; Zaman, K.
4-Nov-2007e aquatic flora and fauna as reservoirs of Vibrio cholerae: a review.Islam, Mohammad Sirajul; Drasar, Bohumil S.; Sack, R. Bradley
5-Nov-2007Spatial distribution of watery diarrhoea in children of less than 5 years from the rural community in BangladeshMyaux, J.; Ali, M.; Felsenstein, A.; Chakraborty, J.; de Francisco, A.
18-Nov-2007Effectiveness of an iron supplementation programme for pregnant and postpartum women in rural BangladeshStoltzfus, R.J.; Chakraborty, J.; Rice, A.; de la Biere, B.; de Francisco, A.
19-Nov-2007Determinants of haemoglobin level during pregnancy and relationship with pregnancy outcome in Bangladeshi urban poorOsendarp, Saskia; Wahed, MA; Baqui, A.H; Arifeen, S.; Mahmud, Hasan; van Raaij, Joop
18-Nov-2007Breastmilk retinol levels in Bangladeshi mothers: reflection on the serum retinol level of infantsShahid, Nigar S.; Waned, M.A.; Aziz, K.M.A.; Rahman, M.; Steinhoff, M.C.
1998Molecular analysis of toxigenic vibrio cholerae strains isolated in Bangladesh during 1961-1996: relationship between continual emergence of new toxigenic clones and epidemics of choleraFaruque, Shah M.; Asadulghani; Alim, A.R.M. Abdul; Siddique, A.K.; Mekalanos, John; Albert, M.John
19-Nov-2007Impact of lactational performance on calcium metabolism through bone mass density in marginally nourished Bangladeshi womenChowdhury, Sameena; Chowdhury, T.A.; Roy, S.K.; Nessa, A.; Ali, S.
1998Multiresistant salmonella infections: an emerging health problem in BangladeshRahman, Mahbubur; Albert, M.J.