feasibility of home treatment of diarrhoea with packaged rice-ORS

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dc.contributor.authorRahman, A.S.M.M.-
dc.contributor.authorBari, A.-
dc.description.abstractFeasibility of home treatment of diarrhoea with packaged rice-based oral rehydration salts (R-ORS) was compared, in terms of cost, with that for glucose-based oral rehydration salts (G-ORS). Packets of G-ORS (World Health Organization-recommended composition) were distributed in two Bangladeshi villages (G-ORS area). Packets of R-ORS with similar composition, except that glucose was replaced with rice flour (50 g/l), were distributed in other two villages (R-ORS area). During the 7-month study period, 1061 and 1348 diarrhoeal episodes were detected among 409 under-five children In each of the study areas. R - ORS was used, either alone or in combination with drugs, to treat 662 (62%) episodes in the R-ORS area, compared to 1101 (82%) episodes in the G-ORS area. The treatment cost per episode was more with R-ORS than with G-ORS, though fewer R-ORS packets were used per episode. Among others, the main factor for the higher cost was found to be the higher production cost of R - ORS packets. Expected early recovery from diarrhoea with use of R-ORS was not observed In this study. Under the study situation, the feasibility of home treatment of diarrhoea with packaged R - ORS was not apparenten
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dc.relation.ispartofseries1990 Mar & June(1&2):18-23-
dc.subjectOral rehydration therapyen
dc.subjectOral rehydration solutionsen
dc.subjectInfantile, Diarrhoeaen
dc.subjectCost and cost-benefit analysisen
dc.subjectComparative studiesen
dc.titlefeasibility of home treatment of diarrhoea with packaged rice-ORSen
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