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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-1980Breast-feeding and food intake among children with acute diarrheal diseaseHoyle, Bruce; Yunus, Md.; Chen, Lincoln C.
Mar-1976Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli and Reovirus-like agent in rural BangladeshRyder, Robert W.; Sack, David A.; Kapikian, Albert Z.; McLaughlin, James C.; Chakraborty, Jyotsnamony; Rahman, A.S. Mizanur; Merson, Michael H.; Wells, Joy G.
May-1977Epidemiologic assessment of the relevance of the so-called enteropathogenic serogroups of Escherichia coli in diarrheaGangarosa, Eugene J.; Merson, Michael H.
Jul-1966Hypoglycaemia in children with acute diarrhoeaHrischhorn, N.; Lindenbaum, J.; Greenough, W.B., III; Alam, S.M.
Sep-1979Lactose malabsorption in Bangladeshi village children: relation with age, history of recent diarrhea, nutritional status, and breast feedingBrown, Kenneth H.; Parry, Lynn; Khatun, Makhduma; Ahmed, Giashuddin
Jan-1974Malnutrition and diarrheaRahman, M. Mujibur
Aug-1978Oral hydration rotavirus diarrhoea: a double blind comparison of sucrose with glucose electrolyte solutionSack, David A.; Chowdhury, A.M.; Eusof, Abu; Ali, Md. Akbar; Merson, Michael H.; Islam, Sirajul; Black, Robert E.; Brown, Keneth H.
1967Antibiotic therapy of cholera in childrenLindenbaum, John; Greenough, William B.; Islam, M.R.
8-May-1982Controlled trial of chlorpromazine as antisecretory agent in patients with cholera hydrated intravenouslyRabbani, G.H.; Greenough III, W.B.; Holmgren, J.; Kirkwood, B.
Oct-1981Oral replacement therapy in rural Bangladesh with home ingredients.Ellerbrock, Tedd V.