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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Barriers to the Use of Antenatal Care and Safe Delivery in Matlab, BangladeshFerdous, Zinat
1997Can a single visit during pregnancy identify women in need of special care in labor and delivery[book chapter]Vanneste, A.M.; Ronsmans, C.
1997Coverage of safe motherhood programme, Matlab, 1987-1993Vanneste, A.M.; Ronsmans, C.
1989Customs related to childbirth in a rural area of BangladeshIslam, M. Shafiqul; Shahid, Nigar S.; Haque, M. Emdadul; Mostafa, G.
1992Food preference and avoidance beliefs during pregnancy and after childbirth in Matlab, BangladeshIslam, M. Shafiqul; Shahid, Nigar S.; Haque, M. Emdadul; Mostafa, G.
Sep-1979Influence of distance, sex and age on utilization of diarrhoea clinic in rural Bangladesh [abstract]Rahaman, M.M.; Aziz, K.M.S.; Munshi, M.H.; Patwari, Yakub; Rahman, Mizanur
1997Introduction to safe motherhood, Bangladesh: an overview of initiatives[book chapter]de Francisco, A.
Mar-1981Maternal and child care-sociocultural aspectsIslam, M. Shafiqul Islam; Claquin, P.
May-1983Maternity-related mortality in Matlab Thana, 1982Singer, Lyn; Jahan, Nasrin
2002Matlab DSS, Bangladesh [book chapter]Razzaque, Abdur; Streatfield, Peter Kim
1989A new approach of TBA training and its impacts on MCH servicesNessa, F.; Rahman, S.
May-1979The people of Teknaf : births, deaths and migrations (1976-1977)Rahman, Mizanur; Rahaman, M. Mujibur; Aziz, K.M.S.; Patwari, Yakub; Munshi, M.H.; Islam, M. Shafiqul
1966Present trend of births and deaths in rural East Pakistan[abstract]Aziz, K.M.A.; Mosley, W.H.; Fahimuddin, Md.
1981Seasonal patterns of vital events in Matlab Thana, Bangladesh [book chapter]Becker, Stan; Sardar, M.A.
Nov-2012Shasthya sanglap vol.21 no. 2[Bengali]International Centre For Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh