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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-19701966-1969 cholera-vacine field in trial East Pakistan: effectiveness of monovalent ogawa and inaba antigen, with comparative results serological and animal protecton testsMosley, Wiley Henry; Woodward, William E.; Aziz, K.M.A.; Rahman, A.S.M. Mizanur; Chowdury, A.K.M. Alauddin; Ahmed, Ansaruddin; Feeley, John C.
Apr-19691966-67 cholera vaccine field trial in rural East PakistanMosley, Wiley Henry; McCormack, W.M.; Fahimuddin, M.; Aziz, K.M.A.; Rahman, A.S.M.M.; Chowdhury, A.K.M.A.; Ahmed, A.; Martin, A.R.; Feeley, J.C.; Phillips, R.A.
Aug-1969Acetate in the correction of acidosis secondary to diarrhoeaCash, Richard A.; Toha, Khondakar M. M.; Nalin, David R.; Huq, Zahidul; Phillips, Robert A.
Aug-1969Aspects of the current understanding of the pathophysiology of choleraCash, Richard A.
Feb-1970The changing pattern of cholera in east pakistan, the appreance of E1 tor vibrio choleraeKhan, Moslemuddin; Bart, Kenneth J.; Haq, Zahidul
1965Characteristics of noncholera vibrios isolated from cases of human diarrhoeaMcIntyre, O.R.; Feeley, J.C.
1968Cholera vaccine field trials in east Pakistan: 1. reaction and antigenicity studies.Benenson, A.S.; Joseph, P.R; Oseasohn, R.O.
1968Cholera vaccine field trials in east Pakistan: 2. effectiveness in the fieldBenenson, A.S.; Mosley, W.H.; Fahimuddin, M.; Oseasohn, R.O.
Jun-1969Community study of inapparent cholera infectionsMcCormack, William M.; Islam, Md. Shafiqul; Fahimuddin, Md.; Mosley, Wiley Henry
1965Diarrhea casued by noncholera vibriosMcIntyre, O.R.; Feeley, J.C.; Greenough, W.B., III; Benenson, A.S.; Hasan, S.I.; Saad, A.
Jun-1976The effect of child mortality experience on subsequent fertility : in Pakistan and BangladeshChowdhury, A.K.M. Alauddin; Khan, Atiqur Rahman; Chen, Lincoln C.
Apr-1969Endemic cholera in rural East PakistanMcCormack, William M.; Mosley, Wiley Henery; Fahimuddin, Mohammad; Benenson, Abram S.
May-1971Endemic smallpox in rural East Pakistan : I. methodology, clinical and epidemiologic characteristics of cases, and intervillage transmissionThomas, David B.; McCormack, William M.; Arita, Isao; Khan, Malik Muzaffer; Islam, Shafiqul; Mack, Thomas Mack
May-1969Epidemiologic analysis of endemic cholera in urban East PakistanMartin, Albert R.; Mosley, Wiley Henry; Sau, Binapani Biswas; Ahmed, Shamsa; Huq, Imdadul
Sep-1971Famine and civil war in East PakistanLancet 1971 Sep 11;2(7724):557-60; Chen, Lincoln C.; Rohde, Jon E.
Feb-1965Field trial of cholera vaccine in rural East Pakistan: first year of observationOseasohn, R.O.; Benenson, A.S.; Fahimuddin, M.
1970Furazolidone in paediatric choleraKarchmer, A.W.; Curlin, Gorge T.; Huq, M.I.; Hirschhorn, Norbert
1970Isolation of Vibrio cholerae from nightsoil during epidemics of classical and E1 Tor Cholera in East PakistanBart, Kenneth J.; Khan, Moslemuddin; Mosley, Wiley Henry
1968An outbreak of cholera in a dacca city householdKhan, A.Q.; Stockard, J.L.
1971Politics of starvation(editorial)Rohde, Jon E.