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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-1983An anthropological investigation of the education of mothers as a determinant of morbidity and mortality among children under 5 yearsLindenbaum, Shirey; Zimicki, Susan; D'Souza, Stan
1990Approaches to Assessment of the cause structure of mortality : a case-study from BangladeshZimicki, Susan
May-1983The community health services project, Matlab (Morbidity Surveillance)Giasuddin, Md.; Jahan, Nasrin; Zimicki, Susan; Yunus, Md.
1-May-1983The community health services project, Matlab (Morbidity survellanceGiasuddin, Md.; Jahan, Nasrin; Zimicki, Susan; Yunus, Md.
Oct-1985Demographic surveillance system-Matlab Vol 13: cause of death reporting in Matlab source book of cause-specific mortality rates 1975-1981Zimicki, Susan; Nahar, Lutfun; Sarder, A.M.; D'Souza, Stan
Mar-1981Ectopic pregnancy and prior induced abortionLevin, Ann Aschengrau; Schoenbaum, Stephen C.; Stubblefield, Phillip G.; Zimicki, Susan; Monson, Richard R.; Ryan, Kenneth J.
3-Jul-1983Geo-coding th e Matlab map to locate cholera by householdCraig, Marine; Zimicki, Susan; Karim, Rezaul
Jul-1983Geo-coding the Matlab map to locate cholera by householdCraig, Marian; Zimicki, Susan; Karim, Rezaul
15-Jan-1982Lay reporting and DSS "Cause of Death" formD'Souza, Stan; Razzak, A.; Zimicki, Susan
Apr-1983Long-term complication of measles in rural BangladeshShahid, Nigar S.; Clauquin, Pierre; Shaikh, Kashem; Zimicki, Susan
22-May-1983Maternity-related mortality in Matlab Thana, 1982Singer, Lyn; Jahan, Nasrin; Satterthwaite, A.P.; Zimicki, Susan
Dec-1988Measles vaccination and childhood mortality in rural BangladeshClemens, John D.; Stanton, Bonita F.; Chakraborty, J.; Chowdhury, Shahriar; Rao, Malla R.; Ali, Mohammed; Zimicki, Susan; Wojtyniak, Bogdan
1988Mortality and morbidity : the Matlab experience[book]D'Souza, Stan; Bhuiya, A.; Zimicki, Susan; Sheikh, K.
Feb-1980Pilot project: review of salmonellosis in Dacca and MatlabBlaser, Martin; Zimicki, Susan; Huq, Imdadul; Glass, Roger
Apr-1984Salmonella food poisoning in BangladeshYunus, Md.; Zimicki, Susan; Baqui, A.H.
Aug-1982Salmonellosis at rural and urban clinics in Bangladesh: epidemiologic and clinical characteristicsBlaser, Martin J.; Huq, M. Imdadul; Glass, Roger I.; Zimicki, Susan; Birkness, Kristin A.
Sep-1986Socio-economic determinants of child nutritional status : boys versus girlsBhuiya, Abbas; Wojtyniak, Bogdan; D'Souza, Stan; Zimicki, Susan
Feb-1986Socioeconomic differentials in child nutrition and morbidity in a rural area of BangladeshBhuiya, Abbas; Zimicki, Susan; D'Souza, Stan