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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984Changes in the trend of shigellosis in Dhaka: family study on secondary infection, clinical manifestation and sensitivity pattern: 1980Khan, Moslem Uddin; Shahidullah, Md.; Ahmed, Waseque Uddin; Barua, Dipak Kumar; Begum, Tahmina; Purification, Dominica; Rahman, Nurur
Mar-1979Cholera due to the EL tor biotype equals the classical biotype in severity and attack ratesKhan, Moslemuddin; Shahidullah, Md.
1980Contrasting epidemiology of shigellae dysenteriae and shigellae flexneri, DaccaKhan, Moslemuddin; Shahidullah, Md.
Jun-1998Duration of protective immunity conferred by maternal tetanus toxoid immunization: further evidence from Matlab, BangladeshKoenig, Michael A.; Roy, Nikhil Chandra; McElrath, Thomas; Shahidullah, Md.; Wojtyniak, Bogdan
Jan-1980Epidemiologic study of dysentry case of Dacca urban areaKhan, Moslemuddin; Shahidullah, Md.
Dec-1981Intervention of shigellosis by hand washingKhan, Moslemuddin; Shahidullah, Md.; Ahmed, Waseque Uddin; Barua, D.K.; Begum, Tahmina; Purification, Dominica; Rahman, Nurur
8-Aug-1991Maternal mortality in Matlab, BangladeshShahidullah, Md.
Sep-1978Pattern of intrafamilial spread of cholera[conference paper]Khan, Moslem Uddin; Shahidullah, Md.
Nov-1986Reduction in neonatal mortality associates with tetnus tocoid immunization in Matlab, Bangladesh[abstract]Koing, Michael A.; Shahidullah, Md.
1982Role of water and sanitation in the incidence of cholera in refugee campsKhan, Moslem Uddin; Shahidullah, Md.