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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-1981Antibiotic resistance of enterobacteria isolated from hospitalized diarrhoeal patientsMutanda, L.N.; Mansur, M.N; Rahman, M.; Molla, A.M.
Nov-1984Application of bongaarts model to investigate the cause of fertility difference of two populations of rural Bangladesh[abstract]Rahman, M.; Phillips, J.F.
18-Nov-2007Breastmilk retinol levels in Bangladeshi mothers: reflection on the serum retinol level of infantsShahid, Nigar S.; Waned, M.A.; Aziz, K.M.A.; Rahman, M.; Steinhoff, M.C.
Dec-1994Cholera in Bangladesh and Goma, Zaire 1994[conference paper]Albert, MJ; Ansaruzzaman, M.; Bardhan, P.K.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Faruque, S.M.; Islam, M.S.; Mahalanabis, Dilip; Rahman, M.; Sack, R. B.; Salam, M.A.; Siddique, A.K.; Yunus, M.D.; Zaman, K.
Jan-2002Comparison of PCR method with the culture method for identification of gonococci from endocervical swabsAlam, Md. A.; Miah, Md. R. A.; Rahman, M.; Sattar, H.; Saleh, A.A.
1976Contraceptive distribution project[book chapter]Huber, Douglas H.; Curlin, George; Khan, Atiqur Rahmann; Chakraborty, J.; Aziz, K.M.A.; Rahman, M.
Sep-2001Decline in epidemic of multidrug resistant salmonella typhi in Bangladesh[abstract]Rahman, M.; Ahmed, A.; Shoma, S.
2002Decline in epidemic of multidrug resistant Salmonella typhi is not associated with increased incidence of antibiotic-susceptible strain in BangladeshRahman, M.; Ahmad, A.; Shoma, S.
24-Nov-1988Demographic survillance system (DSS)- Matlab and TeknafStrong, Michael A.; Hai, Lokky; Chowdhury, Mridul; Hira, Asharaf; Shaikh, M.A. Kashem; Sarder, A.M.; Razzaque, A.; Umra, Md.; Alam, Nurul; Bhuiya, A.; Rahman, M.
Mar-1995Determinants of abortion in rural BangladeshAhmed, M.K.; Sarkar, A.H.; Rahman, M.
Apr-1995Development and evaluation of co-agglutination test to detect rotavirus antigens in stools of patients with diarrhoeaIslam, M.N.; Hossain, M.A.; Rahman, M.; Yasmin, M.; Alam, A.N.; Hoque, M.; Sattar, H.
Sep-1970Effect of glycine and glucose on sodium and water absorption in patients with choleraNalin, Devid R.; Cash, Richard A.; Rahman, M.; Yunus, Md.
2000An effectiveness study of haemophilus influenzae type b vaccineBaqui, Abdullah H.; Arifeen, S. EL; Zaman, K.; Islam, Manirul; Shahid, N.; Hossain, S.; Rahman, M.; Persson, Lars Ake
Sep-1994Energy-dense wearing foods liquefied by germinated-wheat amylase: effects on viscosity, osmolality, macronutrients, and bacterial growthWahed, M.A.; Mahalanabis, Dilip; Begum, Mahfuza; Rahman, M.; Islam, M.S.
Dec-1994Epidemiology and molecular study of drug resistance in Salmonella typhi and Shigella spp. isolated in BangladeshRahman, M.; Kibriya, A.K.M.G.; Sack, R.B.; Albert, M.J.
20-Nov-2007Immunoblot analysis as a diagnostic tool for detection of visceral leishmaniasis in BangladeshIftekhar, Nahid Tofail; Qadri, F.; Rahman, M.; Amin, M.R.; Rahman, K.M.
Sep-1985The importance of bacterimia as a cpmplication of diarrheal illness in Bangladesh[abstract]Struenens, M.J.; Bennish, M.L.; Patte, D.; Mondal, G.; Rahman, M.; Coignau, H.
Jun-1998Increasing frequency of mecillinam-resistant shigella isolates in urban Dhaka and rural Matlab, Bangladesh: a 6 year observationHossain, M. Anowar; Rahman, M.; Ahmed, Q.S.; Malek, M.A.; Sack, R. B.; Albert, M. John
May-1995Isolation of sucrose late-fermenting and nonfermenting variants of Vibrio cholerae O139 Bengal: implications for diagnosis of choleraAnsaruzzaman, M.; Rahman, M.; Kibriya, A.K.M.G.; Bhuiyan, N.A.; Islam, M.S.; Albert, M. John
1993Macrolides in skin and soft-tissue infections[book chapter]Rahman, M.; Song, M.