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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
19881985 field trial of oral cholera vaccines in Bangladesh: background studies on the method of vaccine delivery, vaccine immunogenecity, and vaccine safety[book chapter]Clemens, J.; Sack, D.; Stanton, B.; Chakraborty, J.; Khan, M.R.; Huda, S.; Harris, J.; Rahman, A.; Ahmed, F.; Rahaman, S.; Banik, A.; Yunus, M.; Chowdhury, S.; Ali, M.; Holmgren, J.; Jertborn, M.; Svennerholm, A.M.
Dec-1995Characterization of Aeromonas trota strains that cross-react with Vibrio cholerae O139 BengalAlbert, M.John; Ansaruzzaman, M.; Shimada, T.; Rahman, A.; Bhuiyan, N.A.; Nahar, S.; Qadri, F.; Islam, M.S.
1992Crossed immunoelectrophoretic analysis of antigenic composition of B-subunit/whole-cell and whole-cell only killed oral cholera vaccinesCizn√°r, I.; Ahsan, C.R.; Rahman, A.; Shahabuddin, M.; Bartkov√°, G.; Clemens, J.D.; Sack, D.A.
Nov-1997Cryptosporidium diarrhoea in calves & their in Bangladesh[abstract]Rahman, A.S.M.Hamidur; Al-Mahmud, K.A.; Islam, A.W.M.S.; Mondal, M.M.H.; Rahman, A.
May-1995Detection of provisional serovars of Shigella dysenteriae and designation as S. dysenteriae serotypes 14 and 15Ansaruzzaman, M.; Kibriya, A.K.M.G.; Rahman, A.; Neogi, P.K.B.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Rowe, B.; Albert, M.John
Sep-2001Efficacy of a packaged rice oral rehydration solution among children with cholera and cholera-like illness[abstract]Zaman, K.; Yunus, Md.; Rahman, A.; Chowdhury, H.R.; Sack, David A.
May-2001Efficacy of a packaged rice oral rehydration solution among children with cholera and cholera-like illnessZaman, K.; Yunus, M.; Rahman, A.; Chowdhury, H.R.; Sack, D.A.
2001The efficacy of bismuth subsalicylate in the treatment of acute diarrhoea and the prevention of persistent diarrhoeaChowdhury, H.R.; Yunus, M.; Zaman, K.; Rahman, A.; Faruque, S.M.; Lescano, A.G.; Sack, R.B.
7-Mar-1993Efficasy of bismuth-subslicylate in preventing acute diarrhoeal episodes from becoming persistent in rural Bangladeshi childrenChowdhury, M. Hafizur R.; Yunus, Md.; Khan, E.H.; Zaman, K.; Rahman, A.; Sack, R.B.
2001Failure in tuberculosis chemotherapy : factors related to drug resistance in the north-west region of Bangladesh [abstract]Rahman, A.; Hossain, S.S.; Ali, K.B.A.
1998Impact of community-based intervention on diarrhoea through oral rehydration Therapy on Hospitalization of children aged Less than five years in rural BangladeshAlam, D.S.; Yunus, M.; Rahman, A.; Chowdhury, H.R.; Vaughan, J. Patrick
4-Nov-2007Peripheral blood granulocytes and mononuclear cell responses in monkeys with experimental shigellosisIslam, L.N.; Ferdous, A.; Azim, T.; Qadri, F.; Rahman, A.; Islam, M.S.; Tzipori, S.
Jul-1996Phage specific for Vibrio cholerae O139 BengalAlbert, M. John; Bhuiyan, N.A.; Rahman, A.; Ghosh, A.N.; Hultenby, K.; Weintraub, A.; Nahar, S.; Kibriya, A.K.; Ansaruzzaman, M.; Shimada, T.
1998Role of nitric oxide in the pathogenesis of shigellosis and cholera in childrenIslam, Sufia; Fuchs, G.J.; Chowdhury, A.K.; Rahman, A.; Miller, M.; Rabbani, G.H.
5-Nov-2007Surveillance of vbrio cholerae 0139 patients attending a rural diarrhoea treatment centreYunus, Md.; Zaman, K.; Khan, Eradul Haque; Chowdhury, H.R.; Rahman, A.; Alam, D.S.; Hoque, E.