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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2006Assesssment aof Sexual Behaviour of Men in Bangladesh: A Methodological ExperimentChowdhury, Mahbub Elahi; ALam, Nazmul; Ahmed, Anisuddin; Mallick, Parvez Sazzad; DasGupta, Sushil; Mridha, Malay Kanti; Bashir, Istiaq; Streatfield, Peter Kim
2006Evaluation of partner notification for sexually transmitted infections by service providers in BangladeshStreatfield, Peter Kim; Mridha, Malay Kanti; Alam, Nazmul; Khan, Sharful Islam
2006Extent and consequence of catastrophic cost for caesarean section delivery among poor householdsMridha, Malay Kanti; Koblisky, Marge
Jan-2012MANOSHI Working Paper Series No 16Alam, Badrul; Sarker, Bidhan Krishna; Shafi, Shanjeeda; Banu, Morsheda; Ahmed, Anisuddin; Mridha, Malay Kanti
Jan-2012MANOSHI Working Paper Series No 17Sarker, Bidhan Krishna; Mridha, Malay Kanti; Dasgupta, Sushil Kanti; Islam, Noushin; Reichenbach, Laura
Jan-2012MANOSHI Working Paper Series No 18Sarker, Bidhan Krishna; Higgins, Jonathan; Mridha, Malay Kanti; Ferdous, Jannatul; Dasgupta, Sushil Kanti Dasgupta; Ahmed, Sayem; Khan, Jahangir A.M.; Reichenbach, Laura
Jun-2009MANOSHI Working Paper Series No 2Hossain, Mohammad Awlad; Mridha, Malay Kanti; Alam, Badrul; Nahar, Shahinur; Wahed, Tasnuva
Dec-2009MANOSHI Working Paper Series No 9Mridha, Malay Kanti; Hossain, Awlad; Alam, Badrul; Sarker, Bidhan Krishna; Wahed, Tasnuva; Khan, Rodela; Roy, Suchismita
Apr-2009Public-sector maternal health programmes and services for rural BangladeshMridha, Malay Kanti; Anwar, Iqbal; Koblinsky, Marge
Sep-2008Reducing maternal mortality and improving maternal health: Bangladesh and MDG 5Koblinsky, Marge; Anwar, Iqbal; Mridha, Malay Kanti; Chowdhury, Mahbub Elahi; Botlero, Roseline