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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-1999Demographic Surveillance System - MATLAB Volume ThirtyMostafa, Golam; Razzaque, Abdur; Sarder, A.M.; Saha, Sajal K.; Ginneken, Jeroen K. Van; Bairagi, Radheshyam
Jan-1998Demographic Surveillance System - MATLAB Volume Twenty EightMostafa, Golam; Shaikh, M.A. Kashem; Ginneken, Jeroen K. Van; Sarder, A.M.
Oct-1996DEMOGRAPHIC SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM-MATLAB - Volume Twenty FiveMostafa, Golam; Sheikh, M.A. Kashem; Ahmed, Kapil; Ginneken, Jeroen K. Van
Dec-1996DEMOGRAPHIC SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM-MATLAB - Volume Twenty SevenMostafa, Golam; Ahmed, Kapil; Sheikh, M.A. Kashem; Ginneken, Jeroen K. Van; Sarder, A.M.
Oct-1996Demographic surveillance system-Matlab Vol 25: registration of demographic events- 1994Mostafa, Golam; Shaikh, M.A. Kashem; Ahmed, Kapil; van Ginneken, Jeroen K.
Dec-1996Demographic surveillance system-Matlab Vol 27: registration of demographic events-1995 1995Mostafa, Golam; Ahmed, Kapil; Shaikh, M.A. Kashem; van Ginneken, Jeroen K.; Sarder, A.M.
Jan-1998Demographic surveillance system-Matlab Vol 28: registration of demographic events 1996 with a special supplement recents changes in nuptiality patterns in MatlabMostafa, Golam; Shaikh, M.A.; van Ginneken, Jeroen K.; Sarder, A.M.
Feb-1999Demographic surveillance system-Matlab Vol 30: registration of demographic events 1997Mostafa, Golam; Razzaque, Abdur; Sarder, A.M.; Saha, Sajal K.; van Ginneken, Jeroen K.; Bairagi, Radheshyam
Feb-1997Impact of birth care practices on neonatal mortality in Matlab, Bangladesh[conference paper]Mostafa, Golam; Rahamn, Mizanur
1990The influence of socio-biological factors on perinata mortality in a area of Bangladesh[abstract]Mostafa, Golam; Fauveau, Vincent; Wojtyniak, Bogdan; Foster, Andrew
Mar-1995The influence of socio-biological factors on perinatal mortality in a rural area of BangladeshMostafa, Golam; Foster, A.; Fauveau, V.
Jan-1993Levels and differentials in weight, height and body mass index among mothers in a rural area of BangladeshBhuiya, Abbas; Mostafa, Golam
14-Nov-2007Presence of a daughter in the family and old-age survival of mothers in Matlab, BangladeshMostafa, Golam; Sutradhar, Santosh Chandra; Rahman, Mizanur
1990Relative importance of factors associated with infant mortality in rural Bangladeh[book chapter]Shaikh, Kashem; Nahar, Lutfun; Mostafa, Golam; Wai, Lokky; Foster, Andrew
Nov-1986Sociodemographic correlates of pregnancy outcome in a rural area of Bangladesh[abstract]Mostafa, Golam; Wojtyniak, B.; Bhuiya, A.; Razzaque, A.
1992Socioeconomic and behaviral factors in maternal and child nutrition in a rural area of Bangladesh[book chapter]Islam, Md. Shafiqul; Bhuiya, Abbas; Mostafa, Golam
Nov-1995Trend, determinants, and cause of death of elderly population in Matlab, Bangladesh[abstract]Mostafa, Golam; Rahman, Mizanur
Mar-2000Trends in and determinants of mortality in the elderly population of Matlab, BangladeshMostafa, Golam; van Ginneken, Jeroen K.