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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2002Adopting integrated management of childhood illness module at local level in Bangladesh: implications for recurrent costsKhan, M. Mahmud; Saha, Kuntal Kumar; Ahmed, Shakil
May-1998Cooperative medical system in taicang country of Chaina : lessons for Bangladesh and other developing countriesKhan, M. Mahmud
2004Cost of delivering child immunization services in urban Bangladesh: a study based on facility-level surveysKhan, M. Mahmud; Khan, Suhaila H.; Walker, Damian; Fox-Rushby, Julia; Cutts, Felicity; Akramuzzaman, S.M.
2000Cost-effectiveness of modified algorithm used in syndromic management of vaginal discharge in semi-high risk population in Dhaka (abstract)Ali, Disha; Khan, M. Mahmud; Sarker, Malabika
Sep-2001A cost-minimization approach to planning the geographical distribution of health facilitiesKhan, M. Mahmud; Ali, Disha; Ferdousy, Zohra; Al-Mamun, Abdullah
Jul-1998Costing of the BINP activities at the community levelKhan, M. Mahmud
2000COsting of the integrated management of childhood illeness in Bangladesh : a study based on Matlab data [research paper]Khan, M. Mahmud; Saha, Kuntal K.; Ahmed, Shakil
Mar-1997Designing a health insurance programme for rural Bangladesh ; lessons from the cooperative medical system of teaching country, ChinaKhan, M. Mahmud; Zhu, Naisu; Ling, Jack C.
1998Economic benefits of diabetes control in BangladeshKhan, M. Mahmud; Sayeed, Abu; Mamun, Abullah A.; Ferdousy, Zohra; Ali, Disha; Islam, Ishrat; Lahiry, Sumon; Samira, Humaira H.
Jun-1998Economic evaluation of MCH-FP clinic -based syphilis screening in rural Bangladesh[abstract]Khan, M. Mahmud; Hawkes, Sarah; Ali, Disha
1998Evaluating the alternative strategies for hepatitis A and B vaccination in Bangladesh: an economic analysisAli, Disha; Khan, M. Mahmud
1998Expanded program on immunization in Bangladesh: cost, cost-effectiveness, and financing estimates[book chapter]Khan, M. Mahmud; Yoder, Richard
Jan-1999Factors affecting the performance of family planning workers: importance of geographical information systems in empirical analysisAli, Mohammed; De Francisco, Andres; Khan, M. Mahmud; Chakraborty, Jyotsnamoy; Myaux, Jacques
2001Health care expenditure willingness and ability to pay for ESP : implications for fees for services[abstract]Khan, M. Mahmud; Quayyum, Zahidul; Ahmed, Shakil
1999Health Care Seeking behaviour willingness and ability to pay for health services and costing of the ESP components delivered through NGO-run facilities of RSDPKhan, M. Mahmud
1999Health Care Seeking behaviour willingness to pay for health services delivered through NGO-run facilities of UFHPKhan, M. Mahmud
2003Relative efficiency of government and non-government organisations in implementing a nutrition intervention programme--a case study from BangladeshKhan, M. Mahmud; Ahmed, Shakil
1998Revenue and expenditure patterns of a tertiary hospital : case study of BIRDEM, DhakaKhan, M. Mahmud; Mamun, Abdullah Al; Ferdousy, Zohra
1999Social situation and health status of women in Bangladesh : a preliminary analysis[book chapter]Khan, M. Mahmud; Hossain, M. Shahadat; Rahman, Md. Hafizur; Al-Mamun, Abdullah
1999Summary, recommendations and policy implications[book chapter]Khan, M. Mahmud; Hossain, M. Shahadat