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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-May-1997Baseline survey for HIV/AIDS staff education programmeIslam, Mohammad Tajul; de Francisco, Andres; Hawkes, Sarah; Islam, Mahidul; Mostafa, Md. Golam
Jun-1998Economic evaluation of MCH-FP clinic -based syphilis screening in rural Bangladesh[abstract]Khan, M. Mahmud; Hawkes, Sarah; Ali, Disha
2000Health care systems in transition III. Bangladesh, Part II. Bangladesh's response to HIV-AIDSHawkes, Sarah; Azim, Tasnim
Sep-2002Knowledge on, and attitude toward, HIV/AIDS among staff of an international organization in BangladeshIslam, Mohammad Tajul; Mostafa, Md. Golam; Bhuiya, Abbas Uddin; Hawkes, Sarah; de Francisco, Andres
Sep-2001Local production of anti-vibrio cholerae mucosal antibody in reproductive tract tissues after choleraRyan, Edward T.; Bridges, Emily A.; Crean, Thomas I.; Gausia, Kaniz; Hamadani, Jena D.; Aziz, Ayesha; Hawkes, Sarah; Begum, Monira; Bogaerts, Jozef; Faruque, Shah M.; Salam, Mohammmed Abdus; Fuchs, George J.; Calderwood, Stephen B.
4-Apr-1995Matlab MCH-FP project protocol:1995-1997de Francisco, Andres; Chakraborty, Jotsnamoy; Vanneste, Anne-Marie; Myaux, Jacques; Hawkes, Sarah; Erny, Samuel; Rice, Amy; Khan, Shamim Akhter
Apr-2000Missing men's messages: does the reproductive health approach respond to men's sexual health needsCollumbien, Martine; Hawkes, Sarah
1998Perinatal transmission of hepatitis B in rural Bangladeshde Francisco, A.; Azim, T.; Hawkes, Sarah; Alam, N.; Hall, A.J.
5-Feb-1995The prevalence of reproductive tract infections in Matlab, BangladeshHawkes, Sarah; de Francisco, Andres; Chakraborty, J.; Albert, John; Mabey, David; Hayes, Richard
1996A prevalence study of selected sexually transmitted diseases and associated factors in an urban slum dwelling population in Dhaka, BangladeshSabin, Keith; Rahman, Mahbubur; Hawkes, Sarah; Arifeen, Shams EI; Baqui, Abdullah; Black, Robert
1997Report of community-based knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) survey among commercial sex workers residing in Taan Bazar brothelAhed, Julia; Hawkes, Sarah; Khan, Kasmin; Chaklader, Hasina
2002Reproductive tract infections: prevalence and risk factors in rural BangladeshHawkes, Sarah; Morison, Linda; Chakraborty, Jyotsnamoy; Gausia, Kaniz; Ahmed, Farid; Islam, Shamim Sufia; Alam, Nazmul; Brown, David; Mabey, David
Nov-1999Reproductive-tract infections in women in low-income, low-prevalence situations: assessment of syndromic management in Matlab, BangladeshHawkes, Sarah; Morison, Linda; Foster, Susan; Gausia, Kaniz; Chakraborty, Jyotanamoy; Peeling, Rasanna Weeling; Mabey, David
1998Why include men? Establishing sexual health clinics for men in rural BangladeshHawkes, Sarah