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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1994Albendazole and infections with Ascaris lumbricoides and Trichuris trichiura in children in BangladeshHall, Andrew; Nahar, Quamrun
Mar-1991Albendazole and infections with Trichuris trichiura and Giardia intestinalisHall, Andrew; Anwar, Kazi Selim
19-Mar-1990Albendazole as a treatment for infections with GaiadiaHall, Andrew; Nahar, Qamrun; Mohalanabis, Dilip
Jan-1993Albendazole as a treatment for infections with Giardia duodenalis in children in BangladeshHall, Andrew; Nahar, Quamrun
27-Oct-1986Ascaris and wormy peopleHall, Andrew; Anwar, Kazi Selina
Jan-1990Ascaris lumbricoides: detecting its metabolites in the urine of infected people using gas-liquid chromatographyHall, Andrew; Romanova, Tatiana
Jul-1998Astrovirus infection in association with acute, persistent and nosocomial diarrhea in BangladeshUnicomb, Leanne E.; Banu, Nurun Nahar; Azim, Tasnim; Islam, Asma; Bardhan, P.K.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Hall, Andrew; Moe, Christine L.; Noel, Jacqueline S.; Monroe, Stephan S.; Albert, M. John; Glass, Roger I.
1990A comparasion of repeatedly non-wormy and repeatdly wormy children infected with AscarisHall, Andrew
23-Jun-1987Detecting the metabolites of ascaris lumbricoides in urineHall, Andrew; Sack, David
18-Feb-1984Development and evaluation of new immunological techniques for the dection of Giardia lamblia in a pilot study of childhood diarrhea in BangladeshHall, Andrew; Islam, Asma; Tomkins, Andrew; Rahman, Mujibur
Feb-1984Development and evaluation of new immunological techniques for the detection of giardia lambia in a pilot study of childhood diarrhoea in BangladeshHall, Andrew; Islam, Asma; Tomkins, Andrew; Rahaman, Mujibur
Jul-1993Diagnosis of Giardia duodenalis infection in Bangladeshi infants: faecal antigen capture ELISAGoldin, Amanda J.; Hall, Andrew; Sarker, Rabindra Nath; Warhurst, David C.; Miles, Michael A.
1999The distribution of Ascaris lumbricoides in human hosts: a study of 1765 people in BangladeshHall, Andrew; Anwar, Kazi Selim; Tomkins, Andrew; Rahman, Lutfar
Sep-1994Enzyme polymorphisms in Ascaris lumbricoides in BangladeshIbrahim, Adrian P.; Conway, David J.; Hall, Andrew; Bundy, Donald A.
25-Sep-1989Establisment of techniques to identify pathogenic strains of entamoeaba histolytica for use in clinical and epidemiological studies in BangladeshHall, Andrew; Haque, Rashidul; Tzipdri, Saul
6-Jul-1986Giardia and persistent diarrhoea in rural Bangladdeshi children: a study of food intake, gut permeability and growthHall, Andrew; Islam, Asma; Tomkins, Andrew
May-1995Household aggregation of Strongyloides stercoralis infection in BangladeshConway, David J.; Hall, Andrew; Anwar, Kazi Salim; Rahman, Md. Lutfar; Bundy, Donald A. P.
5-Aug-1986The identification and characterisation of strains of giardia intestinalisHall, Andrew; Ciznar, Ivan
7-May-1991Importance of astroviruses as agents of acute diarrhoea in Bangladeshi childrenMoe, Christine; Unicomb, Leanne; Allen, Jim; Banu, N. Nahar; Glass, Roger; Hall, Andrew; Islam, M. Moyenul
1993The intensity of infection with ascaris lumbricoidies and the anthropometric status of children in Bangladesh[abstract]Hall, Andrew