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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984Directions of future research on ort[conference paper]Greenough III, William B.
17-Nov-2007Hand washing with soap reduces diarrhoea and spread of bacterial pathogens in a Bangladesh villageShaid, Nigar S.; Greenough III, William B.; Samadi, Aziz R.; Huq, Mohammed I.; Rahman, Nurur
20-Jul-1982The MCH-FP extension research project : an experiment in the transfer of some MCH-FP strategies from special non-governmental projects to the government health population control and family planning services in two thanas of BangladeshPhilips, James F.; Satterthwaite, A.P.; Rob, U.; Akbar, J.; Rahman, Mizanur; Huq, Mustaqul; Greenough III, William B.
1983Need people die any more of cholera: causes, concerns, and control[interview]Greenough III, William B.
1981New perspectives in the treatment and prophylaxix of diarrheal diseases[book chapter]Holmgren, Jan; Greenough III, William B.
1988Oral rehydration therapy (ORT): present and future[book chapter]Greenough III, William B.; Molla, A.M.
Sep-1984Oral rehydration therapy scope and horizonsGreenough III, William B.
1978Principles and prospects in the treatment of cholera and related dehydrating diarrheas (conference paper)Greenough III, William B.
1980Reversal of enterotoxic diarrhea by chlorpromazine and related drugsHolmgren, Jan; Greenough III, William B.
1983Rotavirus diarrhoea: an expanding clinical spectrumClemens, John D.; Ahmed, Mosifuddin; Butler, Thomas; Greenough III, William B.; Sack, David A.; Stanton, Bonita F.
Sep-1983Shigellosis: A Continuing Glabal ProblemRahaman, M. Mujibur; Greenough III, William B.; Novak, Naomi Rock; Rahman, Shereen
Apr-1985Specific public health measuresGreenough III, William B.
1981The use of antibiotics and other pharmaceutical agents in the treatment of diarrhea- when are necessary[book chapter]Greenough III, William B.