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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-1980Binding of intraluminal toxin in cholera: trial of GM1 ganglioside charcoalStoll, Barbara J.; Holmgren, Jan; Bardhan, P.K.; Huq, Imdadul; Greenough, William B. III; Fredman, Pam; Svennerholm, Lars
Feb-1979Chlorpromazine reduces fluid-loss in choleraRabbani, G.H.; Greenough, William B. III; Holmgren, J.; Lönnroth, I.
13-May-1983Cholera surveillance : appearance of classical biotype of vibrio cholerae[Report]Greenough, William B. III
1978International research laboratory in Bangladesh(letter)Mosley, William B.; Rahman, M.M.; Chen, Lincoln C.; Greenough, William B. III
1974Non cholera vibrios(letter)Greenough, William B. III
1980Oral replacement therapy in diarrhea consensus and controversy[conference paper]Greenough, William B. III
1992Pathophysiology and clinical aspects of cholera[book chapter]Rabbani, G.H.; Greenough, William B. III
1986Pharmacologic and other non-immunological approaches to improved treatment and prevention of enterotoxic enteropathiesGreenough, William B. III; Hendrix, Thomas
Jun-1976Pulmonary oedema associated with acidosis in patients with choleraGreenough, William B. III; Hirschhorn, Norbert; Gordon, R.S. Jr.; Lindenbaum, J; Ally, K.M.
1985Rice-based oral rehydration solution decreases the stool volume in acute diarrhoeaMolla, A.M.; Ahmed, S.M,; Greenough, William B. III
1975Shiga bacillus dysentery associated with marked leukocytosis and erythrocyte fragmentationRahaman, M.M.; Alam, A.K.M. Jamiul; Islam, M.R.; Greenough, William B. III
1978Shigellosis and haemolytic urenic syndrome(letter)Rahman, MM; Greenough, William B. III