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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Are the environmental niches of Vibrio cholerae O139 different from those of Vibrio cholerae O1 El TorAli, Mohammad; Emch, Michael; Yunus, Mohammad; Sack, Richard Bradley
Aug-1999Diarrheal disease risk in Matlab, BangladeshEmch, Michael
2002Identifying environmental risk factors for endemic cholera: a raster GIS approachAli, Mohammad; Emch, Michael; Donnay, J.P.; Yunus, Mohammad; Sack, R.B.
2001Implementation of a Medical Geographic Information System: Concepts and UsesMohammad Ali, Streatfield; Emch, Michael; Ashley, Christine; Streatfield, Peter Kim
Jan-2001Implications of health care provision on acute lower respiratory infection mortality in Bangladeshi childrenAli, Mohammad; Emch, Michael; Tofail, Fahmida; Baqui, Abdullah H.
9-Apr-1995Risk factors for diarrheal disease in Matlab, Bangladesh: a medical geographic approachEmch, Michael; Myaux, Jacques; Yunus, Md.
2002The spatial epidemiology of cholera in an endemic area of BangladeshAli, Mohammad; Emch, Michael; Donnay, J.P.; Yunus, Mohammad; Sack, R.B.
2002Spatial filtering using a raster geographic information system: methods for scaling health and environmental data.Ali, Mohammad; Emch, Michael; Donnay, Jean-Paul
2003Use of a geographic information system for defining spatial risk for dengue transmission in Bangladesh: role for Aedes albopictus in an urban outbreakAli, Mohammad; Wagatsuma, Yukiko; Emch, Michael; Breiman, Robert F.