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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2004Application of the capture-recapture method for estimating number of mobile male sex workers in a port city of BangladeshKhan, Sharful Islam; Bhuiya, Abbas Uddin; Uddin, A.S.M. Jamal
Sep-2001Family-Planning Services in a Low-performing Rural Area of Bangladesh: Insights from field observationsHanifi, S.M. Manzoor Ahmed; Bhuiya, Abbas Uddin
2006Future health systems - making health systems work for the poor, Phase I: situation of health services in Chakaria BangladeshBhuiya, Abbas Uddin; Iqbal, M
Dec-2000Gender inequality and severe malnutrition among children in a remote rural rrea of BangladeshChowdhury, Kaneta Kudshia; Hanifi, S.M. Manzoor Ahmed; Rasheed, Sabrina; Bhuiya, Abbas Uddin
2003Immunization Divide: who do get vaccinated in BangladeshChowdhury, A Mushtaque R.; Bhuiya, Abbas Uddin; Mahmud, Simeen; Salam, A.K.M. Abdus; Karim, Fazlul
Sep-2002Knowledge on, and attitude toward, HIV/AIDS among staff of an international organization in BangladeshIslam, Mohammad Tajul; Mostafa, Md. Golam; Bhuiya, Abbas Uddin; Hawkes, Sarah; de Francisco, Andres
4-Sep-2007Marital Disruption: Determinants and Consequences on the Lives of Women in a Rural Area of BangladeshBhuiya, Abbas Uddin; Chowdhury, A. Mushtaque R.; Momen, Mehnaaz; Khatun, Mohsina
2005National nutrition programme : baseline survey 2004 / editors, M. Shamsul Islam Khan, Tahmeed Ahmed, S.K. RoyAhmed, Tahmeed; Roy, S.K.; Alam, Nurul; Ahmed, A.M. Shamsir; Ara, Gulshan; Bhuiya, Abbas Uddin; Arifeen, Shams El; Barkat-e-Khuda; Khatun, U.H. Farida; Harun-ur-Rashid; Al-Sabir, Ahmed; Bhadra, Subrata K.; Sultana, Shahin
Dec-2005NATIONAL NUTRITION PROGRAMME BASELINE SURVEY 2004Ahmed, Tahmeed; Roy, S.K.; Alam, Nurul; Ahmed, A.M. Shamsir; Ara, Gulshan; Bhuiya, Abbas Uddin; Arifeen, Shams El; Khuda, Barkat-e-; Khatun, U.H. Farida; Rashid, Harun-ur-; Sabir, Ahmed Al-; Bhadra, Subrata K.; Sultana, Shahin
2003Nature of domestic Violence against women in a rural area of Bangladesh: implication for preventive interventionsBhuiya, Abbas Uddin; Sharmin, Tamanna; Hanifi, SM Manzoor Ahmed
Jun-2001Ordeal of Women for induced abortion in a rural area of BangladeshBhuiya, Abbas Uddin; Aziz, Ayesha; Chowdhury, Mushtaque
2001Policy of Universal Salt Iodization in Bangladesh: Do Coastal People BenefitRasheed, Sabrina; Hanifi, Mr. SM Manzoor Ahmed; Iqbal, Md.; Nazma, Nandita; Bhuiya, Abbas Uddin