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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2010Calculation of costs of pregnancy- and puerperium-related care: experience from a hospital in a low-income countrySarowar, M.G.; Medin, E.; Gazi, R.; Koehlmoos, T.P.; Rehnberg, C.; Saifi, R.; Bhuiya, A.; Khan, J.
24-Nov-1988Demographic survillance system (DSS)- Matlab and TeknafStrong, Michael A.; Hai, Lokky; Chowdhury, Mridul; Hira, Asharaf; Shaikh, M.A. Kashem; Sarder, A.M.; Razzaque, A.; Umra, Md.; Alam, Nurul; Bhuiya, A.; Rahman, M.
1999Effects of an AIDS awareness campaign on knowledge about AIDS in a remote rural area of BangladeshBhuiya, A.; Hanifi, S.M.A.; Hossain, M.; Aziz, A.
Jun-1999Expanded programme on immunization and nutrition of under-five children : experiences from Matlab, BangladeshAmhed, S.M.; Chowdhury, A.M.R.; Bhuiya, A.
Dec-1991Feeding practicies during and after acute diarrhoeain rural area of BangladeshYunus, M.; Aziz, K.M.A.; Bhuiya, A.; Strong, M.
1999Immunization in enclaved populations [book chapter]Bhuiya, A.; Begum, S.A.; Chowdhury, A.M.R.
1988Mortality and morbidity : the Matlab experience[book]D'Souza, Stan; Bhuiya, A.; Zimicki, Susan; Sheikh, K.
1991Nutritional impllcations of cultural practices in the home management of diarrhoea in a rural area of Bangladesh[abstract]Aziz, K.M.A.; Yunus, M.; Bhuiya, A.; Strong, M.
1994Recent contributions of behavioural and biomedical scientists in applied anthropology of hygiene practices and management of diarrhoea in BangladeshAziz, K.M.A.; Yunus, M.; Bhuiya, A.
Nov-1986Sociodemographic correlates of pregnancy outcome in a rural area of Bangladesh[abstract]Mostafa, Golam; Wojtyniak, B.; Bhuiya, A.; Razzaque, A.
1984Socioeconomic differentials of diarrhoea morbidity and mortality in selected villages of BangladeshIslam, M.S.; Bhuiya, A.; Yunus, M.
Mar-1996Women's education and employment: Matlab experienceKhan, S.R.; Chowdhury, A.M.R.; Ahmed, S.M.; Bhuiya, A.