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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-1963Cardiac manifestations of distrubed intermediary metabolism in cholera[abstract]Goedon, R.S.; Greenough, W.B. III; Benenson, A.S.; Ahmad, K.; Rosenberg, I.H.
Jan-1965Cholera vaccine field trial in rural East Pakistan (First year of observation)Oeaseasohn, R.O.; Benenson, A.S.; Fahimuddin, Md.
1968Cholera vaccine field trials in east Pakistan: 1. reaction and antigenicity studies.Benenson, A.S.; Joseph, P.R; Oseasohn, R.O.
1968Cholera vaccine field trials in east Pakistan: 2. effectiveness in the fieldBenenson, A.S.; Mosley, W.H.; Fahimuddin, M.; Oseasohn, R.O.
Jan-1965Clinical and histopathologic correlations in acute diarrheal diseaseDammin, G.J.; Benenson, A.S.; Feldman, D.; Formal, S.B.; Goldstein, H.B.; Merrill, T.G.; Sprinz, H.
1965Diarrhea casued by noncholera vibriosMcIntyre, O.R.; Feeley, J.C.; Greenough, W.B., III; Benenson, A.S.; Hasan, S.I.; Saad, A.
1965Effect of Mukerjee's group iv phage on el tor bibriosMonsur, K.A.; Rizvi, S.S.H.; Huq, M.I.; Benenson, A.S.
Jan-1965Experience in darkfield examination of stools from diarrheal patients[conference paper]Greenough, W.B.; Benenson, A.S.; Islam, M.R.
Feb-1965Field trial of cholera vaccine in rural East Pakistan: first year of observationOseasohn, R.O.; Benenson, A.S.; Fahimuddin, M.
Mar-1965Isolation of hemagglutinative non-el tor cholera vibriosRizvi, S.; Benenson, A.S.
May-1965Non-vibrio choleraLindenbaum, J.; Greenough, W.B., III; Benenson, A.S.; Oseasohn, R.O.; Rizvi, S.; Saad, A.
Jan-1965Person- to- person transmission of cholera[conference paper]Benenson, A.S.; Ahmed, S. Zafar; Oseasohn, R.O.
1965Person-to person transmission of cholera[conference paper]Benenson, A.S.; Ahmad, S. Zafar; Oseasohn, R. O.
1966Phage resistance in vibrio choleraRizvi, S.; Benenson, A.S.
Jan-1965The Rhesus Monkey as an experimental cholera model[conference paper]Hasan, Syed Iqbalul; Greenough, W.B.; Gordon, R.S.; Benenson, A.S.
1964Tetracyline in the treatment of choleraGreenough, W.B.; Rosenberg, I.S.; Gordon, R.S.; Davies, B.I.; Benenson, A.S.
Jul-1967The vibriocidal antibody titer as a measure of immunity to cholera in man [conference paper]Mosley, W.H.; McCormack, W.H.; Benenson, A.S.; Ahmed, A.; Barui, R.; Rahman, M.; Aziz, K.M.A.; Fahimuddin, M.