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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-1986Aboundance of various pathogenic microorganisms in a pond in the vicinity of a national children's hospital at Dhaka, BangladeshChowdhury, M.A.R.; Aziz, K.M.S.; Hoq, M.S.; Khan, W.A.; Akbar, M.S.; Morshd, M.G.; Ratnam, W.
Jan-1978Abundance and biomass of freshwater snails in the three ponds of dacca [abstract]Ali, Shahadat; Hoque, A.S.M. Motaharul; Aziz, K.M.S.
1986Abundance of coliform bacteria in the river sediment at three sampling stations on the Buriganga riverMorshed, M.G.; Aziz, K.M.S.; Islam, M.S.; Khan, M.R.
1986Abundance of various pathogenic micro-organisms in a highly polluted pond in the vicnity of a national child hospital at Dhaka, Bangladesh[abstract]Chowdhury, M.A.R.; Aziz, K.M.S.; Akbar, M.S.; Khan, W.A.; Morshed, M.G.
1985Acceptability of water-sealed latrines in Mirzapur: a rural area of Bangladesh [conference paper]Aziz, K.M.A.; Hasan, K.Z.; Patwary, M. Yakub; Aziz, K.M.S.; Rahman, M. Mujibur
Dec-1989Aeromonas and other indicator bacteria in aquatic sources in ThailandRahim, Zeaur; Suthienkul, Orasa; Aziz, K.M.S.; Echeverria, Peter
Dec-1986Aeromonas hydrophila: its isolation from acute diarrhoeal illness in rural BangladeshAziz, K.M.S.; Rahim, Z.; Faruqe, A.S.G.; Huq, S.; Eusof, A.
1986Aeromonoas spp. and other indicatoer bacteria in some water environment of thailand[abstract]Rahim, Zeaur; Suthienkul, O.; Aziz, K.M.S.; Echeverria, P.
Jan-1980An antibody assay in shiga dysentery by microtiter passive haemagglutination using human erythrocytes and chromium chloride as a coupling reagent.Ahmed, Ahmed; Aziz, K.M.S.; Rahaman, M. Mujibur
1986An assesment of the relative superiority of using direct port medium for the isolation of shigella in the field condition[abstract]Morshed, M.G.; Rahaman, M.M.; Aziz, K.M.S.; Munshi, M.M.H.; Hossain, M.A.
1985Association of vibrio mimicus with floating macrophytes in aquatic environments of Bangladesh [abstract]Chowdhury, Md. Afzalur Rahim; Aziz, K.M.S.; Rahim, Z.
1978Association of vibrio with some lydrophytic plants (abstract)Islam, Md. Sirajul; Aziz, K.M.S.
Jun-1981Association of vibrios with some hydrophytic plantsIslam, Md. Sirajul; Aziz, K.M.S.
Mar-1985Bengali oral traditions to family size norms : a source of messages for population control[abstract]Aziz, K.M.S.
1980Bioassay of culture filtrates from shigella dysentriae type 1, S. flexneri S. sonei and S. boydil[abstract]Aziz, K.M.S.; Alam, Khorshed
Mar-1980Bioassay of culture filtrates from shigells dysentriae type 1, S. flexneri, S boydii.[abstract]Aziz, K.M.S.; Alam, Khorshed
1978Biological and physico chemical studies in three ponds in Dacca, Bangladesh [abstract]Oppenheimer, John R.; Aziz, K.M.S.; Huq, Anwarul
1978Biological and physico-chemical studies in three ponds in Dacca, Bangladesh[conference paper]Oppenheimer, John R.; Aziz, K.M.S.; Huq, Anwarul
1976Biological fly killer[letter]Aziz, K.M.S.
Jul-1980Birth care practice and neonatal tetanus in a rural area of BangladeshIslam, M. Shafiqul; Rahaman, M. Mujibur; Aziz, K.M.S.; Munshi, M.H.; Rahman, Mizanur; Patwari, Yakub