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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2000Effect of a modified oral rehydration solution (RESOMAL) in the treatment of severely malnourished children with diarrhoea[abstract]Alam, Nur H.; Hamadani, J.D.; Dewan, N.; Fuchs, G.J.
2003Evaluation of acid steatocrit to assess steatorrhoea in young children with diarrhea in Bangladesh [abstract]Bardhan, Pradip K.; Alam, Nur H.; Beglinger, Christoph; Gyr, Niklaus
2000Innate immune responses in children and adults with ShigellosisRaqib, Raqib; Mia, S.M.; Qadri, Firdausi; Alam, Tanfis I.; Alam, Nur H.; Chowdhury, Ashish K.; Mathan, Minnie M.; Andersson, Jan
Aug-1997Noninvasive assessment of gastric acid secretion in man. Application of electrical impedance tomography (EIT)Sarker, Shafiqul A.; Mahalanabis, Dilip; Bardhan, Pradip K.; Alam, Nur H.; Rabbani, Khandaker S.; Kiber, Adnan; Hassan, Moinuddin; Islam, Shafiqul; Fuchs, George J.; Gyr, Klaus
Nov-2000Partially hydrolyzed guar gum-supplemented oral rehydration solution in the treatment of acute diarrhea in childrenAlam, Nur H.; Meier, Remy; Schneider, Heinz; Sarker, Shafiqul A.; Bardhan, Pradip K.; Mahalanabis, Dilip; Fuchs, George J.; Gyr, Niklaus
2000Reduced osmolarity oral rehydration solutions in severe persistent diarrhoea in children [abstract]Sarker, Shafiqul A.; Fuchs, George J.; Alam, Nur H.; Khan, Ali M.; Dilip, Mahalanabis
1997Risk factors for severe persistent diarrhoea [abstract]Alam, Nur H.; Faruque, Abu S.G.; Dewan, Nahrina; Sarkar, Shafique A.; Fuchs, George J.
Jan-1998Small bowel and fecal microbiology in children suffering from persistent diarrhea in BangladeshBardhan, Pradip K.; Albert, M. John; Alam, Nur H.; Faruque, Shah M.; Neogi, Prodyot K.B.; Mahalanabis, Dilip
Dec-1998Successful treatment of rotavirus diarrhea in children with immunoglobulin from immunized bovine colostrumSarker, Shafiqul A.; Casswall, Thomas H.; Mahalanabis, Dilip; Alam, Nur H.; Albert, M. John; Brüssow, Harald; Fuchs, George J.; Hammerström, Lennart