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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Does involvement of women in BRAC influence ses bias in intra-household food distributionRoy, Rita Das; Hyder, SM Ziauddin; Chowdhury, Mushtaque; Adams, Alayne
1995Effects of socio-economic development on health status and human well-being : determining impact and exploring pathways of change; proposal for phase II of BRAC-ICDDR,B Matlab Joint Project, 1996-2000 AD.Chowdhury, Mushtaque; Bhuiya, Abbas; Vaughan, Patrick; Adams, Alayne; Mahmud, Simeen
2018Health facility mapping, in Jessore municipality, Bangladesh : Jessore municipalityHasan, Mehdi; Ahmed, Shakil; Sultana, Fayeza; Shankar, Dipika; Mehjabin, Nushrat; Islam, Rahenul; Rakib, Nibras; Shafique, Sohana; Adams, Alayne
May-2018Impact of low-cost bidding on a Contracted-Out (CO) : urban primary health care project in Bangladesh: Implications for changeKhan, Shaan Muberra; Islam, Rubana; Hossain, Shahed; Bashar, Farzana; Yusuf, Sifat S; Sikder, Adel A. S.; Adams, Alayne
1998Income-earning women from rural Bangladesh: changes in attitude and knowledgeAhmed, Syed Masud; Adams, Alayne; Chowdhury, A.M.R.; Bhuiya, Abbas
1997Participatory methods to assess change in health and women's lives: an exploratory study [book]Adams, Alayne; Roy, Rira Das; Mahbub, Amina
May-2018Roles and retention of Doctors under the Urban Primary Health Care Project in BangladeshBashar, Farzana; Islam, Rubana; Hossain, Shahed; Khan, Shaan Muberra; Sikder, Adel A. S.; Yusuf, Sifat S; Adams, Alayne