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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Dec-1981Determinants of areal variation in contraceptive practices in BangladeshRahman, Makhlisur
27-Jan-1985Evaluation of family planning-related infectious morbidity in BangladeshWasserheit, Judith N.; Chakraborty, J.; Harris, Jeffery R.; Phillips, James F.; Rahman, Sahera; Yunus, Md.; Avoy, Donald; Bennish, Michael; Kay, Bradford; Holmes, King K.
27-Nov-1984Experimental cryptosporidiosis in baby chicksRahman, A.S.M. Hamidur; Al-Mahmud, K.A.; Shahid, Nigar S.; Islam, K.M.N.; Butler, S.C.; Ciznar, I.
22-Mar-1982Investigations into dysentery in MatlabEngelberg, Cary; Mitra; Haque, E.; Glass, R.
15-Jan-1982Minimum level of non-compliance amongst oral contraceptive acceptive acceptors in the Matlab, MCH-FP projectSeaton, Brian; Chakraborty, J.; Yunus, Md.
27-May-1981Reproductive endocrinology in relation to contraceptive safety in BangladeshSeaton, Brian; Phillips, James F.; Claquin, Pierre
25-Jun-1984The contraceptive behavior, fertility dynamics, and health services utilization study, MatlabPhillips, James F.; Akbar, Jalaluddin; Mozumder, Khorshed Alam; Koblinsky, Marjorie; Chowdhury, Alauddin
20-Jul-1982The MCH-FP extension research project : an experiment in the transfer of some MCH-FP strategies from special non-governmental projects to the government health population control and family planning services in two thanas of BangladeshPhilips, James F.; Satterthwaite, A.P.; Rob, U.; Akbar, J.; Rahman, Mizanur; Huq, Mustaqul; Greenough III, William B.
Dec-1981Belifes and fertility in BangladeshMaloney, Clarence; Aziz, K M Ashraful; Sarker, Profulla C
Dec-1985Life stages, gender and fertility in BangladeshAzoz, K M Ashraful; Maloney, Clarence