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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2008Occurrence and expression of luminescence in Vibrio choleraeGrim, Christopher J.; Taviani, Elisa; Alam, Munirul; Huq, Anwar; Sack, R. Bradley; Colwell, Rita R.
Oct-1981Oral replacement therapy in rural Bangladesh with home ingredients.Ellerbrock, Tedd V.
Jun-1982The use of chlorpromazine in the treatment of cholera and other severe acute watery diarrheal diseasesIslam, M.R.; Sack, David A.; Holmgren, Jan; Bardhan, P.K.; Rabbani, G.H.
1983Enteric fever in patients admitted to a diarrhoeal disease hospital in Bangladesh.Stoll, Barbara J.; Glass, Roger I,; Banu, H.; Alam, M.
Feb-1985Campylobacter jejuni-specific serum antibodies are elevated in healthy Bangladeshi childrenBlaser, Martin J.; Black, Robert E.; Duncan, Deborah J,; Amer, Jules
Feb-1985Nightblindness and vitamin A deficiency in children attending a diarrheal disease hospital in BangladeshStoll, Barbara J.; Banu, Hasina; Kabir, Iqbal; Molla, Ayesha
1985The treatment of Fasciolopsis buski infection in children: a comparison of thiabendazole, mebendazole, levamisole, pyrantel pamoate, hexylresorcinol and tetrachloroethyleneRabbani, G.H.; Gilman, R.H.; Kabir, I.; Mondel, Gabriel
1984Interventions for the control of diarrhoeal diseases among young children : promotion of breast-feedingFeachem, R.G.; Koblinsky, M.A.
1987Causes of death in diarrhoeal diseases after rehydration therapy : an autopsy study of 140 patients in BangladeshButler, Thomas; Islam, M.; Azad, A.K.; Islam, M.R.; Speelman, Peter
Sep-1987The association between malnutrition and diarrhoea in rural BangladeshBairagi, Radheshyam; Chowdhury, Mridul K.; Kim, Young J.; Curlin, George T.; Gray, Ronald H.