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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-1998An uncommon bacteraemia in diarrhoeal patients by acinetobacter spp.Hossain, M. Iqbal; Kabir, A.K.M. Iqbal; Khan, W.A.; Fuchs, G.J.
Apr-1990Understanding and management of persitent diarrhoeaRoy, S.K.; Akramuzzaman, S.M.
2008Understanding community concerns about post-mortem brain biopsies-
2004Understanding community dynamics influencing sexuality and high risk behaviors for STIs/HIV/AIDS among rural youth in BangladeshLarson, Charles P.
2009Understanding physician and patient perspectives on "Hysterical Conversion Reaction" as a cause of women's hospitalization in two tertiary-care hospitalsGurley, Emily
2008Understanding practices and perceptions related to stove use and biomass fuel burning in rural Bangladeshi householdsGurley, Emily S.
2004Understanding Pregnancy Intention from the Perspective of Bangladeshi CouplesBlum, Lauren
1994Understanding seasonality in BangladeshBecker, Stan
2005Understanding the context of risks and vulnerabilities to STIs/HIV and sexual health: A rapid anthropological assessment of the tribal community of the northwestern belt of BangladeshKhan, Sharful Islam; Bhuiya, Abbas
30-Nov-1997Understanding the evaluation of rural urban migration in BangladeshKuhn, Randall
2003Understanding the experience of household food insecurity in rural Bangladesh leads to a measure different from that used in other countriesFrongillo, Edward A.; Chowdhury, Nusrat; Ekström, Eva-Charlotte; Naved, Ruchira T.
2008Understanding the intersection of intimate partner violence and microcredit: perspectives from Matlab, BangladeshNaved, Ruchira Tabassam
2002Understanding the molecular evolution of vibrio cholerae: phage biology and transcriptional profiling in vivo [conference paper]Faruque, Shah M.; Xu, Qing; Dziejman, Michelle; Kamruzzaman, M.; Asadulghani; Dziejman, Michelle; Sack, David A.; Nair, G. Balakrish; Mekalanos, John J.
2005Understanding the patterns of chronic obstetric morbidity and validation of the self report by women living in an urban slum district of Dhaka, BangladeshSultana, Samina
Nov-1997An unicommon bacteraemia in diarrhoeal patients by acinetobacter Spp.[abstract]Hossain, M. Iqbal; Kabir, A.K.M. Iqbal; Khan, W.A.; Fuchs, G.J.
1986Universal child immunization (UCI) by 1990-Bangladesh perspective[editorial]Huque, A. A. Zahidul
Jun-1999Unmet contraceptive need in Bangladesh: evidence from the 1993/94 and 1996/97 Demographic and Health SurveysBarkat-e-khuda; Roy, Nikil Chandra; Rahman, Dewan Md.
2000Unmet need for major obstetric intervention in BangladeshRahman, Mahmudur; Bashir, Ishtiaq
2003Unmet reproductive and child-health needs and use of essential services of BangladeshAzim, Jahanara; Roy, Nikhil Chandra; Azim, Tariq
2003Unmet Reproductive and Child-health Needs and Use of Essential Services Package in Urban NGO Clinics of BangladeshKhatun, Jahanara; Roy, Nikhil Chandra; Azim, Tariq