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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Genomic profiles of clinical and environmental isolates of Vibrio cholerae O1 in cholera-endemic areas of BangladeshZo, Young-Gun; Rivera, Irma N.G.; Russek-Cohen, Estelle; Islam, M.Sirajul; Siddique, A.K.; Yunus, M.; Sack, R.B.; Huq, Aawar; Colwell, Rita R.
Jun-1997Guidelines for operating makeshift treatment centres in cholera epidemicsSiddique, A.K.; Nasim, S.M. Asib
9-Sep-2007Increasing spectrum in antimicrobial Resistance of shigella isolates in Bangladesh: resistance to azithromycin and ceftriaxone and decreased susceptibility to ciprofloxacinMahbubur Rahman, Mahbubur; Shoma, Shereen; Rashid, Harunur; Arifeen, Shams El; Baqui, A.H.; Siddique, A.K.; Nair, G.B.; Sack, David A.
1985Investigation of a common source food borne outbreak [abstract]Eusof, A.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Rahaman, M.M.; Takeda, Y.; Siddique, A.K.; Ahmed, Q.S.
Aug-1993Large epidemic of cholera-like disease in Bangladesh caused by Vibrio cholerae O139 synonym Bengal. Cholera Working Group, International Centre for Diarrhoeal Diseases Research, BangladeshAlbert, M.J.; Ansaruzzaman, M.; Bardhan, P.K.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Islam, M.S.; Mahalanabis, D.; Sack, R.B.; Salam, M.A; Siddique, A.K.
Apr-1990Makeshift treatment centre during a cholera epidemic in BangladeshSiddique, A.K.; Mutsuddy, P.; Islam, Q.; Majumder, Y.; Akram, K.; Zaman, K.
1-Feb-1993Malnutrition, cell-mediated immune deficiency, and diarrhea: a community-based longitudinal study in rural Bangladeshi childrenBaqui, Abdullah H.; Black, Robert E.; Sack, R. Bradely; Chowdhury, H.R.; Yunus, M.; Siddique, A.K.
Sep-1997Molecular analysis of toxigenic Vibrio cholerae O139 Bengal strains isolated in Bangladesh between 1993 and 1996: evidence for emergence of a new clone of the Bengal vibriosFaruque, Shah M.; Ahmed, Kazi Mokim; Siddique, A.K.; Zaman, K.; Alim, A.R.M. Abdul; Albert, M. John
1998Molecular analysis of toxigenic vibrio cholerae strains isolated in Bangladesh during 1961-1996: relationship between continual emergence of new toxigenic clones and epidemics of choleraFaruque, Shah M.; Asadulghani; Alim, A.R.M. Abdul; Siddique, A.K.; Mekalanos, John; Albert, M.John
May-1999Molecular characterization of a new ribotype of Vibrio cholerae O139 Bengal associated with an outbreak of cholera in BangladeshFaruque, Shah M.; Siddique, A.K.; Saha, MN; Asadulghani; Rahman, M. Mostafizur; Zaman, K.; Albert, M. John; Sack, David A.; Sack, R. Bradley
Nov-1995Molecular epidemiology of toxigenic Vibrio cholerae in Bangladesh studied by numerical analysis of rRNA gene restriction patternFaruque, Shah M.; Roy, Sanjit K.; Alim, A.R.M. Abdul; Siddique, A.K.; Albert, M. John
2002New variants of Vibrio cholerae O1 biotype El Tor with attributes of the classical biotype from hospitalized patients with acute diarrhea in BangladeshNair, G. Balakrish; Faruque, Shah M.; Bhuiyan, N.A.; Kamruzzaman, M.; Siddique, A.K.; Sack, David A.
Oct-2000Perception and practice of rest during pregnancy among mothers and family decision-makersAkram, K.; Zaman, K.; Mazumder, Y.; Filteau, S.; Roy, S.K.; Siddique, A.K.
19-Jul-2000A prospective, randomized, double -blind, placebo-controlled, trial to determine the safety and efficasy of influenza virus vaccine, trivalent, types A & B, live cold-adapted (CAIV-T) inhealty childrenBaqui, Abdullah H.; Hasan, Zahid; Siddique, A.K.; Zaman, K.; Arifeen, Shams EI; Hossain, Anwar; Breiman, R.; Rahman, K. Mizanur
2000Role of animate and inanimate objects in transmission of shigellae in index families elucidated byculture and fluorescent antibody techniques[abstract]Islam, M.S.; Khan, M.N.H.; Rahman, M.A.; Sadique, M.A.; Muniruzzaman, S.M.; Baqui, A.H.; Hossain, M.S.; Siddique, A.K.; Nair, G.B.; Sack, R.B.; Sack, D.A.; Huq, A.; Colwell, R.R.
29-Dec-1992Role of variuos aquatic flora, fauna and physicochemical conditions of water in maintaining endemicity and seasonality of cholera in BangladeshIslam, Md. Sirajul; Siddique, A.K.; Albert, M.J.; Huq, A.; Felsenstein, A.; Sack, R.B.; Colwell, R.R.
Mar-1993Safety of Vitamin A supplementation through EPI in rural Bangladesh[abstract]de Francisco, Chakraborty J; Chowdhury, H.R; Yunus, M.D.; Baqui, A.H.; Siddique, A.K.; Sack, R.B.
30-Oct-2007A steep decline of death in a shigellosis epidemic in Bangladesh by a community-participated interventionIslam, A.B.M.Q.; Siddique, A.K.; Mazumder, Y.; Akram, K.
2000Surveillance dengue fever in BangladeshSiddique, A.K.
Jun-1996Vibrio cholerae O139: how great is the threat of a pandemicSiddique, A.K.; Akram, K.; Zaman, K.; Mutsuddy, P.; Eusof, A.; Sack, R.B.