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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-May-1993Birth weight and infant mortality in the slums of Dhaka City: a prospective studyArifeen, Shams EI; Antelmang, Gretchen; Baqui, Abdullah Hei; Amin, Selina; Sack, R. Bradley
Dec-1994Blue greenalgae as a reservoir of vibrio cholerae 01 and its probale role in maintaining endemicity and seasonality of cholera in Bangladesh[conference paper]Islam, M. Sirajul; Drasar, Bohumi S.; Sack, R. Bradley; ALbert, M. John
Oct-1993Cell-mediated immune deficiency and malnutrition are independent risk factors for persistent diarrhea in Bangladeshi childrenBaqui, Abdullah H.; Sack, R. Bradley; Black, Robert E.; Chowdhury, Hafizur R.; Yunus, Mohammed; Siddique, Abdul K.
2-Nov-1993Characterization of epidemic strains of vibrio cholerae 01 and non-01 based on genetic and phenotypic traitsFaruque, A.K.; Siddique, A.K.; Albert, M.J.; Alim, A.R.M.A.; Ahmad, Q.S.; Sack, R. Bradley
Jul-1994Cholera vaccine workshop[letter]Sack, R. Bradley
Sep-1993Clonal relationships among classical Vibrio cholerae O1 strains isolated between 1961 and 1992 in BangladeshFaruque, Shah M.; Alim, A. R. M. Abdul; Rahman, M. Monjur; Siddique, A.K.; Sack, R. Bradley; Albert, M. John
Sep-1997Comparison of immune responses in patients infected with Vibrio cholerae O139 and O1Qadri, Firdausi; Wennerås, Christine; Albert, M. John; Hossain, Jaber; Mannoor, Kahssar; Begum, Yasmin Ara; Mohi, Golam; Salam, Mohammad Abdus; Sack, R. Bradley; Svennerholm, Ann-Mari
1977Comparison of sucrose and glucose in the oral electrolyte therapy of cholera and other severe diarrheasPalmer, Darwin L.; Koster, F.T.; Islam, A.F.M Rafiqul; Rahman, A.S.M. Mizanur; Sack, R. Bradley
Nov-1998Corpses and the spread of cholera [letter]Sack, R. Bradley; Siddique, A. Kasem
Jul-1995Cytokines in the stools of children with complicated shigellosisAzim, Tasnim; Halder, R. Chandra; Sarker, M. Safiullah; Ahmed, Sharmeen; Hamadani, Jena; Chowdhury, Akhtaruzzaman; Qadri, Firdausi; Salam, M. Abdus; Sack, R. Bradley; Albert, M. John
Jul-1980Detection of Escherichia coli enterotoxins in stoolsMerson, Michael H.; Yolken, Robert H.; Sack, R. Bradley; Froehlich, Jean L.; Greenberg, Harry B.; Huq, Imdadul; Black, Robert W.
Jun-1994Development and evaluation of rapid monoclonal antibody-based coagglutination test for direct detection of Vibrio cholerae O139 synonym Bengal in stool samplesQadri, Firdausi; Chowdhury, Ashrafuzzaman; Hossain, Jaber; Chowdhury, Khaleda; Azim, Tasnim; Shimada, Toshio; Islam, K. M.; Sack, R. Bradley; Albert, M. John
1994Diarrhoeal diseases: the Matlab experience[book chapter]Baqui, Abdullah H.; Black, Robert E.; Mitra, Amal K.; Chowdhury, Hafiz R.; Zaman, K.; Fauveau, Vincent; Sack, R. Bradley
1992Differentiation of Shigella flexneri strains by rRNA gene restriction patternsFaruque, Shah M.; Haider, Khaleda; Rahman, M. Monzur; Alim, A.R.M. Abdul; Ahmad, Q. Shafi; Albert, M. John; Sack, R. Bradley
4-Nov-2007e aquatic flora and fauna as reservoirs of Vibrio cholerae: a review.Islam, Mohammad Sirajul; Drasar, Bohumil S.; Sack, R. Bradley
9-Mar-1997Ecological and epidemiological studies on Aeromonas spp. in Bangladesh with special emphasis on their spread between the environment and the humansAlbert, M.John; Islam, M.Sirajul; Faruque, Shah M.; Ansaruzzaman, M.; Siddique, A.K.; Mollby, Ronald; Kuhn, Inger; Katouli, Mohammad; Sack, R. Bradley
4-Jan-1994The effect of rentinol and B-carotene supplementation in lactating women on breastmilk quality and vitamin A status in infantsRice, Amy; Francisco, Andres; Chakraborty, Jyotsnamoy; Sack, R. Bradley
1996Emergence of Vibrio cholerae 0139[book chapter]Sack, R. Bradley; Alam, M. John; Siddique, A. Kasem
2-Feb-1992Empowering women for health: assessing the impact of training and service delevery in Dhaka slumsDearden, Kirk; Khatun, Jahanara; Sack, R. Bradley; Becker, Stan; Baqui, Abdullah; Zeitlyn, Sushila; Alvi, Kanta
1992Enteropathogens associated with acute and persistent diarrhea in Bangladeshi children less than 5 years of ageBaqui, Abdullah H.; Sack, R. Bradley; Black, Robert E.; Haider, Khaleda; Hossain, Anowar; Alim, A.R.M. Abdul; Yunus, M.; Chowdhury, H.R.; Siddique, A.K.