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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1969Cholera in pregnant womenHirschhorn, Norbert; Chowdhury, A.K.M. Allauddin; Lindenbaum, John
Jul-1968Decrease in net stool output in cholera during intestinal containing solutionsHirschhorn, Norbert; Kinzie, Joseph L.; Sachar, David B.; Northrup, Robert S.; Taylor, J.O.; Ahmad, S. Zafar; Philips, Robert A.
1970Furazolidone in paediatric choleraKarchmer, A.W.; Curlin, Gorge T.; Huq, M.I.; Hirschhorn, Norbert
1966The pathogenesis of cholera diarrhoea[abstract]Hirschhorn, Norbert
Dec-1966Pathogenesis of the typical symptoms and signs of cholera and secondary features[lecture]Hirschhorn, Norbert
1968Preliminary studies on phage for the treatment of cholera[abstract]Monsur, K.A.; Northrup, R.S.; Hirschhorn, Norbert; Rahman, M. Ataur
Jun-1976Pulmonary oedema associated with acidosis in patients with choleraGreenough, William B. III; Hirschhorn, Norbert; Gordon, R.S. Jr.; Lindenbaum, J; Ally, K.M.
1969Reversible jejunal disaccharidase deficiency in cholera and other acute diarrheal diseasesHirschhorn, Norbert; Molla, Ayersha; Molla, A. Mojid
1968Sodium-potassium stimulated adenosine triphosphatase of the small intestine of man: studies in cholera and other diarrheal diseases.Hirschhorn, Norbert; Rosenberg, Irwin H.
May-1980The Treatment of Acurate Diarrhoea in Children : A Historical and Physiological PerspectiveHirschhorn, Norbert
1980The treatment of acute diarrhoea in children : a historical and physiological perspectiveHirschhorn, Norbert