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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Mar-1992ICDDR,B survellance programme- clinical research centreAlam, A.N.; Mahalanabis, Dilip; Albert, John; Rahman, Nurur; Faruque, A.S.G.
Aug-2001Impact of a home made gardening programme in rural Bangladesh[abstract]Fuchs, G.J.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Khan, M.
15-Jan-1991Impact of ready-to-use packaged rice ORS on morbidity and nutrition of infants and young children, and response of mothers when provided as an antidiarrhoeal medicine in rural BangladeshFaruque, A.S.G.; Mahalanabis, Dilip; Das, Dilip Kumar; Hoque, Samiul; Rahman, Mujibur
Dec-1994Infectious agents causing acute watery diarrhoea in infants and young children in Bangladesh and their public health implicationsHoque, Syed Samiul; Faruque, A.S.G.; Mahalanabis, Dilip; Hasnat, A.
10-Mar-1997Intraspecies ariation in E. histolytica and protective immunity with E. histolytica infectionHaque, Rashidul; Faruque, A.S.G.; Albert, M.J.; Petri, W.A.
6-Sep-2007Introduction of routine zinc therapy for children with diarrhoea: evaluation of safetyKhan, A.M.; Larson, C.P.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Saha, U.R.; Hoque, A.B.M.M.; Alam, N.U.; Salam, M.A.
1985Investigation of a common source food borne outbreak [abstract]Eusof, A.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Rahaman, M.M.; Takeda, Y.; Siddique, A.K.; Ahmed, Q.S.
22-Jan-1998Investigation of the importance of Norwalk-like viruses in childhood diarrhea in BangladeshAzim, Tasnim; Podder, Goutam; Hasan, Zahid; Salam, M.A.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Albert, M.John; Unicomb, Leanne; Glass, Roger
Aug-1993Large epidemic of cholera-like disease in Bangladesh caused by Vibrio cholerae O139 synonym Bengal. Cholera Working Group, International Centre for Diarrhoeal Diseases Research, BangladeshAlbert, M.J.; Ansaruzzaman, M.; Bardhan, P.K.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Islam, M.S.; Mahalanabis, D.; Sack, R.B.; Salam, M.A; Siddique, A.K.
13-Mar-1993Large outbreak of clinical cholera due to vibrio cholerae non-01 in Bangladesh[letter]Albert, M. John; Siddiqi, A.K.; Islam, M.S.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Ansaruzzaman, M.; Faruque, S.M.; Sack, R. Bradley
Aug-2004The major subunit of the toxin-coregulated pilus TcpA induces mucosal and systemic immunoglobulin A immune responses in patients with cholera caused by Vibrio cholerae O1 and O139Asaduzzaman, Muhammad; Ryan, Edward T.; Jhon, Manohar; Hang, Long; Khan, Ashraful I.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Taylor, Ronald K.; Calderwood, Stephen B.; Firdausi, Qadri
Apr-1996Maternal education and family income as determinants of severe disease following acute diarrhoea in children: a case control studyMahalanabis, Dilip; Faruque, A.S.G.; Islam, Asma; Hoque, Syed S.
Jun-1980The Matlab family planning-health services projectBhatia, Shushum; Mosley, W.H.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Chakraborty, J.
Apr-1986Medical care utilization prior to death in cholera outbreaks in rural BangladeshFaruque, A.S.G.; Eusof, Abu
1999Mortality, morbidity and microbiology of endemic cholera in Bangladesh [abstract]Ryan, E.T.; Dhar, U.; Khan, W.A.; Salam, M.A.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Fuchs, G.J.; Calderwood, S.B.; Bennish, M.L.
Jul-2000Mortality, morbidity, and microbiology of endemic cholera among hospitalized patients in Dhaka, BangladeshRyan, Edward T.; Dhar, Ujjwal; Khan, Wasif A.; Salam, Mohammed Abdus; Faruque, A.S.G.; Fuchs, George J.; Calderwood, Stephen B.; Bennish, Michael L.
Mar-1996Nutrition support and growth in thalassemia major[abstract]Fuchs, G.J.; Tienboon, P.; Khaled, M.A.; Nimsakul, S.; Linpisarn, S.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Suskind, R.M.
Sep-2008Nutrition: basis for healthy children and mothers in BangladeshFaruque, A.S.G.; Ahmed, A.M. Shamsir; Ahmed, Tahmeed; Islam, M. Munirul; Hossain, M. Iqbal; Roy, S.K.; Alam, Nurul; Kabir, Iqbal; Sack, David A.
Jun-1998Nutritional status and diarrhoeal pathogen in hospitalized children in BangladeshDewan, N.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Fuchs, G.J.
Jun-1997Nutritional support and growth in thalassaemia majorFuchs, G.J.; Tienboon, P.; Khaled, M.A.; Nimsakul, S.; Linpisarn, S.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Yutrabootr, Y.; Dewier, M.; Suskind, R.M.