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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990A case study of contraceptive introduction : domiciliary depot-medroxy progesterone acetate services in rural Bagladesh[book chapter]Phillips, James F.; Hossain, Mian Bazle; Huque, A.A. Zahidul; Akbar, Jalaluddin
14-Dec-1981The community health services projects, Matlab (The MCH COmponent)Phillips, James F.; Rahman, Makhlisur; Claquin, P.; Akbar, Jalaluddin
Jan-1982The comunity health services project, matlab (The MCH Component)Phillips, James F.; Rahman, Makhlisur; Claquin, P.; Akbar, Jalaluddin
25-Jun-1984The contraceptive behavior, fertility dynamics, and health services utilization study, MatlabPhillips, James F.; Akbar, Jalaluddin; Mozumder, Khorshed Alam; Koblinsky, Marjorie; Chowdhury, Alauddin
1992Contraceptive use in Matlab, Bangladesh: the role of gender preferenceRahman, Mizanur; Akbar, Jalaluddin; Phillips, James F.; Becker, Stan
Jan-1989Contraceptive use patterns in Matlab, Bangladesh: insights from a 1984 surveyKhan, Mehrab Ali; Smith, Caroline; Akbar, Jalaluddin; Koenig, Michael A.
1982Dynamics of depot medroxy projesterone acetate (DMPA) use effectiveness in the Matlab Family planning Health Services Project[conference paper]Akbar, Jalaluddin; Chakraborty, J.; Jahan, Nasrin; Phillips, James F.; Satterthwaite, A.P.
1991Trends in contraceptive method mix, continuation rates and failure rates in Matlab, Bangladesh : 1978-1987[book chapter]Akbar, Jalaluddin; Phillips, James F.; Koenig, Michael A.
1984The use-effectiveness of tubal ligations performed in the Matlab family planning health services project, 1978-1982 [conference paper]Akbar, Jalaluddin; Chakraborty, J.; Phillips, James F.