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18-Nov-2007 Effectiveness of an iron supplementation programme for pregnant and postpartum women in rural Bangladesh Stoltzfus, R.J.; Chakraborty, J.; Rice, A.; de la Biere, B.; de Francisco, A.
19-Nov-2007 Impact of lactational performance on calcium metabolism through bone mass density in marginally nourished Bangladeshi women Chowdhury, Sameena; Chowdhury, T.A.; Roy, S.K.; Nessa, A.; Ali, S.
20-Nov-2007 Reported morbid symptoms and conditions of pregnant, intrapartum and postpartum women: experience from three villages Shaheerr, Rubina; Yunus, M.; de Francisco, A.; Tonkinson, Myma; Vaughan, J. Patrick
21-Nov-2007 Effect of women-focused development programme on nutritional status of rural women Rasheed, Sabrina; Bhuiya, Abbas; Hyder, SM Ziauddin; Chowdhury, A.M.R
13-Nov-2007 Effects of outreach workers' visits on perceived quality of care in two rural areas of Bangladesh Hossain, Mian Bazle; Barkat-e-Khuda; Phillips, James F.
14-Nov-2007 Mortality pattern of women of reproductive age in rural Bangladesh Khan, Shamim A.; de Francisco, Andres; Chakraborty, J.
31-Oct-2007 Record of clinicopathological conference of the International Centre for Diarrhoel Disease Research, Bangladesh: a 30-year-old women with fever, diarrhoea, and wasting Mitra, A.K.; Islam, M.
13-Nov-2007 Women's empowerment and fertility regulation behaviour in rural areas of Bangladesh Sarkar, Afzal Hossain; Mozumder, A.B.M. Khorshed Alam; Rahman, Mizanur
1-Nov-2007 A 1-Year old girl with severe malnutrition, bloody-mucoid diarrhoea and fever : postmortem study case-2 of 1992 presentation of the case Rabbani, G.H.; Ashraf;, Hassan; Islam, Moyenul; Azad, A.K.
Mar-1995 Impact of the Grameen bank on women's status and fertility in Bangladesh Rahman, Mizanur; DaVanzo, Julie
9-Sep-1977 Epidemiology-F. Bush Gilman, Robert H.
24-Jan-1978 Milk antibodies to E. coli toxin and colonization facter in Bangladesh women Sack, David A.; Evans, Dolores G.
Jun-1981 Training community health workers in rural health Bhatia, Shushum
Jun-1985 Socio-economic status different ials among currently married women of reproductive age: FP services project. 1974 Matlab census Chowdhury, A.I.; Phillips, James F.
Jun-1991 Maintaining village water pumps by women volunteers in Bangladesh Hoque, Bilqis Amin; Aziz, K.M.A.; Hasan, Zahid; Patwary, M.K.
Mar-1996 Women's education and employment: Matlab experience Khan, S.R.; Chowdhury, A.M.R.; Ahmed, S.M.; Bhuiya, A.
Oct-1998 Uptake of contraception during postpartum amenorrhoea: understandings and preferences of poor, urban women in Bangladesh Salway, Sarah; Nurani, Sufia
Mar-2000 Women and HIV/AIDS in Bangladesh : a global review [abstract] Mahmood, Shakeel A.I.
Health promotion campaigns and urban women in Bangladesh Tunon, Cristobal; Quaiyum, Md. Abdul; Begum, Nazma; Amin, Selina
1983 Women volunteers at work in the slum against diarrhoea(experience) Novak, N.R.
Mar-1998 Zinc supplementation during pregnancy in Bangladesh women had no effect on birth weight [abstract] Osenderp, S.J.M.; Baqui, A.H.; Wahed, M.A.; Arifeen, S. E.; Raaij, J.M.A. Van; Fuchs, G.J.
Sep-2007 Causes of death among women aged 10-50 years in Bangladesh, 1996-1997. Yusuf, Hussain R.; Akhter, Halida H.; Chowdhury, Mahbub Elahi; Rochat, Roger W.
1976 Cholera toxoid field trial[abstract] Curlin, George; Aziz, K.M.A.; Rahman, Mizanur; Levine, Richard; Verwey, Willard F.
Nov-1993 Contraceptive use in the postpartum period among women in slums Salway, Sarah; Jamil, Kanta; Nahar, Quamrun; Nurani, Sufia
1996 Service delivery at the union health and family welfare centres: the clints' perspective Khanam, Parveen A.; Wirzba, Helene; Haque, Indrani; Mirza, Tanjina; Juncker, Theresa
1996 Alternative ways to feed infants : knowledge and views of men and women in the slums of Dhaka city Salway, Sarah; Nahar, Quamrun; Ishaque, Mohammed
1996 Awareness of Sexually Transmitted Disease among women and service providers in rural Bangladesh Khan, Mehrab Ali; Rahman, Mizanur; Khanum, Parveen A.; Barkat-e-Khuda; Kane, Thomas T.; Ashraf, Ali
1997 Determinants of antenatal care-seeking behaviour in rural Banglaedsh Rahman, Md. Mafizur; Barkat-e-Khuda; Kane, Thomas T.; Mazumder, Khorshed A.; Reza, Md. Masud
1997 The first generation to control family size : understanding Bangladesh's fertility decline from the perspective of the participants Caldwell, Bruce; Barkat-e-Khuda
1997 Immunization coverage in zone 3 of Dhaka city, Bangladesh Perry, Henry; Weierbach, Robert; Hossain, Iqbal; Islam, Rafiq-ul
1998 Determinants of contraceptive use among married teenage women and newlywed couples Islam, Mahidul; Kane, Thomas T.; Barkat-e-Khuda; Reza, M. Masud; Hossain, Mian Bazle
2000 Complications of pregnancy and childbirth : knowledge and practices of women in rural Bangladesh Khanum, Parveen A.; Quaiyum, M.A.; Islam, Ariful; Ahmed, Shameem
2000 Operationalizing essentional services package delivery in the public sector in Dhaka City: baseline findings from a cross-sectional study Alamgir, Shamsuddin; Routh, Subrata; Reza, Masud
2000 Knowledge of men about reproductive health issues and services in Bangladesh Ashraf, Ali; Tunon, Cristobal; Hasan, Yousuf; Reza, Masud; Saha, Norid Chandra; Barkat-e-Khuda
2001 Operations research on ESP delivery and community clinics in Bangladesh : transition plan on shift from outreach to community clinic-based service-delivery system : a study pf perspectives of stakeholders Sarker, Sukumar; Islam, Ziaul; Routh, Subrata; Saifi, Rumana A.; Begum, Hosne Ara; Nasim, SM Asib; Mesbahuddin, M.
2002 Use of obstetric care services in Bangladesh : dose knowledge of husbands matter Khanum, Parveen A.; Islam, Ariful; Quaiyum, M.A.; Millsap, Joan
Apr-2007 Barriers to immunization among women and children living in slums of zone 3 of Dhaka city, Bangladesh : a qualitative assessment Perry, Henry; Nurani, Sufia; Quaiyum, Md. Abdul; Jinnah, S. A.; Sharma, Anjali
1986 Explaining fertility transition in Matlab: a qualitative study Nag, Moni; Duza, Barud; Koeing, Michael
Dec-1988 Impact of a family planning and health services programme on adult female mortality Fauveau, Vincent; Koeing, Michael A.; Wojtyniak, Bogdan; Chakraborty, J.
Aug-1989 Rural women in sanitation programmes[conference paper] Hoque, Bilqis A.
1992 Contraceptive use in Matlab, Bangladesh: the role of gender preference Rahman, Mizanur; Akbar, Jalaluddin; Phillips, James F.; Becker, Stan
Jun-2006 Health and science bulletin vol.4 no.2[Bangla] International Centre For Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh
Dec-2009 Health and science bulletin vol.7 no.4[Bangla] International Centre For Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh
Jun-2006 Health and science bulletin vol.4 no.2[English] International Centre For Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh
1997 Family planning unmet need in Bangladesh: shaping of a clint-oriented strategy[book] Barkat, Abul; Howlader, Sushil Ranjan; Barkat-e-Khuda; Ross, John A.; Bose, Manik Lal
1997 Awareness of sexually transmitted disease among women and service providers in rural Bangladesh[book chapter] Khan, Mehrab Ali; Rahman, Mizanur; Akhter, Parveen; Barkat-e-Khuda; Kane, Thomas; Ashraf, Ali
1995 Problems of women-headed households[book] Hossain, Naomi; Huda, Samiha
1995 Vulnerable of the vulnerables : the situtation of divorced, abandoned and widowed women in a rural area of Bangladesh[book] Momen, Mehnaaz; Bhuiya, Abbas; Chowdhury, Mushtaque
1998 Income-earning women from rural Bangladesh: changes in attitude and knowledge Ahmed, Syed Masud; Adams, Alayne; Chowdhury, A.M.R.; Bhuiya, Abbas
2003 Infertility: a ens to see women’s situation in the context of Bangladesh Nahar, Papreen
2004 Epidemiology of postnatal depression in rural Bangladesh Gausia, Kaniz


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