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30-Jan-1990 Study of absorption promoting oral rehydration solution in animal models Islam, Sufia; Wahed, M.A.; Rahman, A.S.M. Hamidur; Mahalanabis, Dilip; Chowdhury, A.K. Azad
1982 Home-administered oral therapy for diarrhoea: a laboratory study of safety and efficacy Snyder, John D.; Yunus, Md; Wahed, M.A.; Chakraborty, J.
Dec-1985 Khadashascho vittik ORS : udaramaya chikitsaya eak nutan diganta Molla, M. Majid
7-Sep-1985 Mothers can prepare and use rice-salt oral rehydration solution in rural Bangladesh Rahman, A.S.M. Mizanur; Bari, Abdul; Molla, A. Majid; Greenough III, W.B.
Feb-1980 Labon-gur (common salt and brown sugar) oral rehydration solution in the treatment of diarrhoea in adults Islam, M.R.; Greenough III, W.B.; Rahaman, M. Mujibur; Choudhury, A.K. Azad; Sack, D.A.
Feb-1980 Common salt and sugar with and without sodium bi-carbonate as an oral rehydration solution in diarrhoea of children[abstract] Islam, M.R.; Greenough, W.B. III
Apr-1984 A comparison of oral solutions from common salt and crude sugar (molasses) with and without bicarbonate in severe pediatric diarrhoea Islam, M.R.; Bardhan, P.K.


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