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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Mar-1983 An animal model for the study of invasive colitis Al-Mahmud, K.A.; Butler, T.; Kabir, T.; Rahman, A.S.M. Hamidur
30-Dec-1980 Haematologieal and biochemical values of normal laboratory animals i.Rabbit ii.Guinea Pig iii.Rat iv.Mouse Rahman, A.S.M. Hamidur; Al-Mahmud, K.A.
Mar-1995 Bacterial translocation in the rat model of lectin induced diarrhoea Shoda, R.; Mahalanabis, Dilip; Wahed, M.A.; Albert, M. John
1968 Studies on cholera toxin with animal models including rats[abstract] Aziz, K.M.S.; Mohsin, A.K.M.; Hare, K.W.; Phillips, R.A.
Oct-1990 Enhanced sodium absorption by citrate: an in vivo perfusion study of rat small intestine Patra, F.C.; Rahman, A.S.G.; Wahed, M.A.; Al-Mahmud, K.A.
1992 Enhanced sodium absorption by citrate[reply] Patra, F.C.
Jun-1993 Small intestinal growth caused by feeding red kidney bean phytohemagglutinin lectin to rats Banwell, John G.; HowardKabir, Richard; Kabir, Iqbal; Adrian, Thomas E.; Diamond, Robert H.; Abramowsky, Carlos
1989 Malabsorption and growth depression in rats fed raw soyabean extract[abstract] Kabir, Iqbal; Banwell, John; Howard, Richard


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