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30-Jan-1981 Investigations on the biological activities of lipopolysaccharides and Cholera Toxin/Toxoid available in the routinely manufactured anti-cholera vaccines Rao, M. Subba
Dec-1982 Characterization of the lipopolysaccharide from Vibrio cholerae 395 (Ogawa) Kabir, Shahjahan
Mar-1994 Monoclonal antibodies specific for Shigella dysenteriae serotype 13. Production, characterization, and diagnostic application Qadri, Firdausi; Azim, Tasnim; Hossain, Anwar; Chowdhury, Ashrafuzzaman; Albert, M. John
May-1995 A Klebsiella pneumoniae strain that shares a type-specific antigen with Shigella flexneri serotype 6: characterization of the strain and structural studies of the O-antigenic polysaccharide Ansaruzzaman, Mohammed; Albert, M. John; Holme, Tord; Jansson, Per-Erik; Rahman, M. Mahbubur; Widmalm, Gorun
Nov-1999 Lipopolysaccharide- and cholera toxin-specific subclass distribution of B-cell responses in cholera Qadri, Firdausi; Ahmed, Firoz; Karim, M. Manjurul; Wenneras, Christine; Begum, Yasmin Ara; Abdus, Salam Mohammad; Albert, M. John; McGhee, Jerry R.
Jun-1989 Use of monoclonal antibodies to type Shigella flexneri in Bangladesh Carlin, Nils I. A.; Rahman, M.; Sack, David A.; Zaman, Ansari; Kay, Bradford; Lindberg, Alif A.
1991 The association of haemagglutination and adhesion with lipopolysaccharide of Shigella dysenteriae serotype 1 Qadri, F.; Haq, S.; Hossain, S.A.; Ciznar, I.; Tzipori, S.
1991 The association of haemagglutination and adhesion with lipopolysaccharide of Shigella dysenteriae serotype 1 Qadri, F.; Haq, S.; Hossain, S.A.; Ciznar, I.; Tzipori, S.
1992 Interleukin-1 beta (IL-1 beta), IL-1 receptor antagonist, and TNF alpha production in whole blood Nerad, Judith L.; Griffiths, Jeffrey K.; Van der Meer, Jos W.M.; Endres, Stefan; Poutsiaka, Debra D.; Keusch, Gerald T.; Bennish, Michael; Salam, Mohammed A.; Dinarello, Charles A.; Cannon, Joseph G.
1992 Shigella-specific IgA in saliva of children with bacillary dysentery Schultsz, C.; Qadri, F.; Hossain, S.A.; Ahmed, F.; Ciznar, I.
Oct-1995 Genetic rearrangements in the rfb regions of Vibrio cholerae O1 and O139 Stroeher, Uwe H.; Jedani, Kathy E.; Dredge, B. Kate; Morona, Renato; Brown, Melissa H.; Karageorgos, Litsa E.; Albert, M. John; Manning, Paul A.
Feb-1996 Effect of growth condition on in-vitro susceptibility of Shigella dysenteriae type 1 killing by murine peritoneal macrophages Haque, M.A.; Yoshino, S.; Ohki, K.; Inada, S.; Kohashi, O.
1996 Dissociation between cytokine mRNA expression and protein production in shigellosis Raqib, Raqib; Ljungdahl, Ake; Lindberg, Alf A.; Wretlind, Bengt; Andersson, Ulf; Andersson, Jan
May-1998 Structure of the O-antigen of Vibrio cholerae O155 that shares a putative D-galactose 4,6-cyclophosphate-associated epitope with V. cholerae O139 Bengal Senchenkova, Sof'ya N.; Zatonsky, Georgy V.; Shashkov, Alexander S.; Knirel, Yuriy A.; Jansson, Per-Erik; Weintraub, Andrej; Albert, M. John
1999 The lipopolysaccharide of moraxella catarrhalis structural relationships and antigenic properties Holme, Tord; Rahman, Motiur; Jansson, Per-Erik; Widmalm, Goran
2002 Delayed and reduced adaptive humoral immune responses in children with shigellosis compared with in adults Raqib, R.; Qadri, F.; Sarker, P.; Mia, S.M.S.; Sansonnetti, P.J.; Albert, M.J.; Andersson, J.


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