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4-Sep-2007 Immunization Divide: who do get vaccinated in Bangladesh Chowdhury, A Mushtaque R.; Bhuiya, Abbas Uddin; Mahmud, Simeen; Salam, A.K.M. Abdus; Karim, Fazlul
1-Nov-2007 Trends of immunisation status of the children and women attending an urban diarrhoea hospital in Bangladesh Rahman, A.K.S. Mahmudur; Islam, M. Ajninul
4-Sep-2007 Cost of delivering child immunization services in urban Bangladesh: a study based on facility-level surveys Khan, M. Mahmud; Khan, Suhaila H.; Walker, Damian; Fox-Rushby, Julia; Cutts, Felicity; Akramuzzaman, S.M.
Dec-1992 Evaluation of preventive health services for hospitalised children under a Child Health Programme Islam, M. Aminul; Thilsted, Shakuntala H.; Mahalanabis, Dilip
14-Mar-1981 Influence of whole cell cholera vaccine (WCV) on the innunogenicity of B-Subunit given by the oral route Gothefors, L.; Svennerholm, A.M.
29-Jan-1986 Knoledge attitude and practice (KAP) study of childhood immunization in Matlab, Bangladesh Chakraborty, Nitai; Islam, Shafiqul; Chakraborty, J.; Rowland, M.G.M.
7-Sep-1979 Local and systemic antibody response in human after immunization with cholera B subunit antigen Svennerholm, Ann-Mari
10-May-1983 Modulation of a parenterally induced IgA/IgG antibody response to vibrio cholerae in mice by the adoptive transfer of peyer's patch lymphocytes from enterally immunized donors: modulation of murine antibody responses to V. cholerae by entric immunization Ahmed, Ansruddin; Al Mahamud, K.A. Abdullah; Butler, Thomas C.
9-Aug-1994 Persistence of Tetanus toxoid antibody in women immunization schedules in rural Bangladesh Chakraborty, J.; Albert, J.; Sack, R.B.
20-Jun-2000 Randomised comparision of maternal and infant immunization strategies to prevent pneumococcal disease Nigar, Shahid S.
9-Nov-1980 The community health services project, Matlab Phillips, James F.; Rahman, Makhlisur; Claquin, P.
14-Dec-1981 The community health services projects, Matlab (The MCH COmponent) Phillips, James F.; Rahman, Makhlisur; Claquin, P.; Akbar, Jalaluddin
22-Aug-1989 The effectiveness of trivalent oral polio vaccine in children with gastroenteritis Besser, Richard; Islam, Aminul; Santoshae, Mathuram; Silimperi, Diana R.; Unicomb, Leanne; Uzme, Amatul
1982 Use of tetanus toxoid for the prevention of neonatal tetanus : 2. immunization acceptance among pregnant women in rural Bangladesh Rahman, Makhlisur; Chen, Lincoln C.; Chakraborty, J.; Yunus, Md.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Chowdhury, A.I.
Jun-1984 Mucosal antitoxic and antibacterial immunity after cholera disease and after immunization with a combined B subunit-whole cell vaccine Svennerholm, Ann-Mari; Jertborn, Marianne; Gothefors, Leif; Karim, A.M.M.M.; Sack, David A.; Holmgren, Jan
1985 Secretory immunity to vibrio cholerae bacteria and cholera toxin : prospects for an improved cholera vaccine Svennerholm, Ann-Mari; Jertborn, M.; Gothefors, L.; Karim, A.; Sack, David A.; Holmgren, J.
1985 Health care implications of growth chart. Rowland, M.G.M.
Aug-1986 Saliva, breast milk, and serum antibody responses as indirect measures of intestinal immunity after oral cholera vaccination or natural disease Jertborn, M.; Svennerholm, A.M,; Holmgren, J.
19-Jul-1986 Field trial of oral cholera vaccines in Bangladesh Clemens, John D.; Sack, David A.; Harris, Jeffery R.; Chakraborty, J.; Khan, M.R.; Stanton, Bonita F.; Kay, Bradford A.; Khan, Moslem Uddin; Yunus, Md.; Atkinson, William; Svennerholm, Ann-Mari; Holmgren, Jan
Jan-1987 B subunit-whole cell and whole cell-only oral vaccines against cholera: studies on reactogenicity and immunogenicity Clemens, John D.; Stanton, Bonita F.; Chakraborty, J.; Sack, David A.; Khan, M.R.; Huda, S.; Ahmed, F.; Harris, Jeffery R.; Yunus, M.; Khan, M.U.; Svennerholm, Ann-Mari; Jertborn, M.; Holmgren, Jan
Jul-1988 Field trial of oral cholera vaccines in Bangladesh: results of one year of follow-up Clemens, John D.; Harris, Jeffery R.; Sack, David A.; Chakraborty, J.; Ahmed, Faruque; Stanton, Bonita F.; Khan, Moslem Uddin; Kay, Bradford A.; Huda, N.; Khan, M.R.; Yunus, M.; Rao, M. Raghava; Svennerholm, Ann-Mari; Holmgren, Jan
Dec-1980 Reduction of neonatal tetanus by mass immunization of non-pregnant women: duration of protection provided by one or two doses of aluminium-adsorbed tetanus toxoid Black, R.E.; Huber, D.H.; Curlin, G.T.
Feb-1980 Failure of a large dose of vitamin A to enhance the antibody response to tetanus toxoid in children Brown, Kenneth H.; Rajan, Maung Maung; Chakraborty, Jyostnamoy; Aziz, K.M.A.; Phil, M.
Dec-1982 Birth care practice and neonatal tetanus in a rural area of Bangladesh Islam, M. Shafiqul; Rahaman, M. Mujibur; Aziz, K.MS.; Munshi, M.H.; Rahman, Mizanur; Patwari, Yakub
6-Feb-1982 Intestinal antibody responses after immunisation with cholera B subunit Svennerholm, A.M.; Sack, D.A.; Holmgren, J.; Bardhan, P.K.
Jun-1982 Neonatal tetanus in Bangladesh : effect of active immunization of mothers; anti-tetanus active immunization of mothersfield experience in Bangladesh Rahman, Makhlisur
1989 Potential reductions in infant and child mortality through immunisation programmes: evidence from Matlab, Bangladesh[conference paper] Koenig, Michael A.; Fauveau, Vincent; Wojtyniak, Bogdan
1991 Measles among under-9-month-olds in rural Bangladesh: its significance for age at immunization Fauveau, Vincent; Chakraborty, J.; Sarder, A.M.; Khan, M.A.; Koenig, M.A.
Mar-1991 Mortality reductions from health interventions; the case of immunization in Bangladesh Koeing, Michael A.; Fauveau, Vincent; Wojtyniak, Bogdan
Jun-1995 Administration of 25,000 IU vitamin A doses at routine immunisation in young infants Rahman, M. Mujibur; Mahalanabis, Dilip; Wahed, M.A.; Islam, M. Aminul; Habte, D.
Sep-1995 Factors affecting acceptance of immunization among children in rural Bangladesh Bhuiya, Abbas; Bhuiya, Ismat; Chowdhury, Mustaque
Mar-1995 Megadose Vitamin A supplementation in young infants and its relationship to morbidity[abstract] Rahman, M.M.; Mahalanabis, Dilip; Wahed, M.A.; Islam, M.A.; Habte, D.; Khaled, M.A.; Alvarez, J.O.
Nov-1995 Serum, breast milk, and infant antibody after maternal immunisation with pneumococcal vaccine Shahid, Nigar S.; Steinhoff, Mark C.; Hoque, S.S.; Begum, Tahmina; Thompson, Claudtte; Siber, George R.
Dec-1997 Impact of national immunization days on polio-related knowledge and practice of urban women in Bangladesh[research report] Quaiyum, Md. Abdul; Tuñon, Cristobal; Baqui, Abdullah Hel; Zahidul, Quayyum; Jahanara, Khatun
Dec-1998 A comprehensive assessment of the quality of immunization services in one major area of Dhaka City, Bangladesh Perry, Henery; Weierbach, Robert; El-Arifeen, Shams; Hossain, Iqbal
Jun-1998 Duration of protective immunity conferred by maternal tetanus toxoid immunization: further evidence from Matlab, Bangladesh Koenig, Michael A.; Roy, Nikhil Chandra; McElrath, Thomas; Shahidullah, Md.; Wojtyniak, Bogdan
1998 Tetanus toxoid immunization coverage among women in zone 3 of Dhaka city: the challenge of reaching all women of reproductive age in urban Bangladesh Perry, H.; Weierbach, R.; Hossain, I.; Islam, R.
Jun-1999 Expanded programme on immunization and nutrition of under-five children : experiences from Matlab, Bangladesh Amhed, S.M.; Chowdhury, A.M.R.; Bhuiya, A.
1999 The Near miracle revisited : social science perspectives of the immunization programme in Bangladesh[book chapter] Chowdhury, A. Mushtaque R.; Aziz, K.M.A.; Bhuiya, Abbas
Jan-1999 Nutritional and immunisation status, weaning practices and socio-economic conditions of under five children in three villages of Bangladesh Iqbal, Hossain M.; Yasmin, R.; Kabir, I.
1967 The vibriocidal antibody titer as a measure of immunity to cholera in man[conference paper] Mosley, W. H.; McCormeck, W. M.; Benenson, A. S.; Ahmed, A.; Barui, R.; Rahman, M.; Aziz, K. M. A.; Fahimuddin, M.
Jul-2001 Charging fees for Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI) services : who are unwilling to pay[abstract] Hossain, Atia; Routh, Subrata
Factors Contributing to Low Immunization coverage among urban slum children in Bangladesh Khatun, Jahanara
May-1993 Immunization beliefs and coverage in Dhaka Urban Slums Laston, Sandra L.; Baqui, Abdullah Hel; Paljor, Ngudup; Silimperi, Diana R.
1996 Impact of National immunization days on polio-related knowledge and practice of urban women in Bangladesh Quaiyum, Md. Abdul; Tunon, Cristobal; Baqui, Abdullah Hel; Quayyum, Zahidul; Khatun, Jahanara
1996 The quality of urban EPI services in Bangladesh : findings from the urban initiatives's needs assesssssssment study in zone 3 of Dhaka city Perry, Henry; Arifeen, Shams El; Hossain, Iqbal; Weierbach, Robert
1997 Immunization coverage in zone 3 of Dhaka city, Bangladesh Perry, Henry; Weierbach, Robert; Hossain, Iqbal; Islam, Rafiq-ul
1997 Iproving availability of and access to an essential services package (ESP) in urban Dhaka, Bangladesh findings from mid-term evaluation: Alamgir, Shamsuddin; Tunon, Cristobal; Arifeen, Shams El; Baqui, Abdullah Hel; Bhuiya, Mohammed Ali; Uddin, Md. Jasim
1998 Demand for child curative care in two rural Thanas of Bangladesh : effects of income and women's employment Levin, Ann; Rahman, M. Anisur; Quayyum, Zahidul; Routh, Subrata; Barkat-e-Khuda
2001 Incorporation of community's voice into health and population sector programme of Bangladesh for its transparency and accountability Uddin, Md. Jasim; Ashraf, Ali; Sirajuddin, A.K.M.; Mahbub-ul-Alam; Tunon, Cristobal
Apr-2007 Barriers to immunization among women and children living in slums of zone 3 of Dhaka city, Bangladesh : a qualitative assessment Perry, Henry; Nurani, Sufia; Quaiyum, Md. Abdul; Jinnah, S. A.; Sharma, Anjali
Aug-2008 Coverage of child immunization in rural hard-to-reach Haor areas of Bangladesh : acceptability of alternative strategies Uddin, Md. Jasim; Larson, Charles P.; Oliveras, Elizabeth; Khan, A.I.; Quaiyum, M.A.; Saha, Nirod Chandra; Ahmed, Faaiz; Khan, Iqba Ansary; Shamsuzzaman
Oct-2008 Effectiveness of combined strategies to improve low coverage of child immunization in urban slums of Bangladesh Uddin, Md. Jasim; Larson, Charles P.; Oliveras, Elizabeth; Khan, A.I.; Quaiyum, M.A.; Saha, Nirod Chandra; Khan, Iqbal Ansary; Shamsuzzaman
Oct-2010 Impact of measles-elimination activities of immunization services and the health systems Koehlmoos, Tracey Lynn Perez; Sarma, Harbandhu; Khan, Iqbal Ansari; Uddin, Md. Jasim
Sep-1979 Local and systemic antibody response in humans after immunization with cholera B subunit antigen Svennerholm, Ann-Mari
Oct-1983 Modulation of a parenterally induced IgA/IgG antibody response to vibrio cholera in mice by the adoptive transfer of peyer's patch lymphocytes from enterally immunized donors Ahmed, Ansaruddin; Al-Mahmud, K.A. Abdullah
Nov-1986 Reduction in neonatal mortality associates with tetnus tocoid immunization in Matlab, Bangladesh[abstract] Koing, Michael A.; Shahidullah, Md.
1986 Universal child immunization (UCI) by 1990-Bangladesh perspective[editorial] Huque, A. A. Zahidul
Jan-1981 Reduction of neonatal mortality by immunization of non-pregnant women and women during pregnancy with alluminum-adsorbed tetanus toxoid Rahman, Makhlisur; Chen, Lincoln; Chakraborty, J.; Yunus, Md.; Chowdhury, A.I.; Sarder, A.M.; Bhatia, Shushum; Curlin, George T.
Jan-1981 Factors related to acceptance of tetanus toxoid immunization among pregnant women in a maternal-child health programme in rural Bangladesh Rahman, Makhlisur; Chen, Lincoln; Chakraborty, J.; Yunus, Md.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Chowdhury, A.I.
1992 A new EPI strategy to reach high risk urban children in Bangladesh: urban volunteers Hughart, Nancy; Silimperi, Dlana Reoina; Khatun, Jahanara; Stanton, Bonita
1992 Reasons for low tetanus immunization coverage in a hospital: a focus group investigation Kofoed, P.E.; Zeitlyn, S.; Rahman, A.K.S.M.; Gomes, M.; Nielsen, B.
1992 Protection from Shigella sonnei infection by immunisation of rabbits with Plesiomonas shigelloides (SVC 01) Sayeed, S.; Sack, D.A.; Qadri, F.
Mar-2007 Performance of the lot quality assurance sampling method compared to surveillance for identifying inadequately-performing areas in Matlab, Bangladesh Bhuiya, Abbas; Hanifi, S.M.A.; Roy, Nikhil; Streatfield, P. Kim
Mar-1993 Heterologous protection of bonnet monkeys from experimental shigellosis after oral immunization with shigella flexneri serotype Y thymine-dependant temperature-sensitive mutant Tsf21 Giri, D.K.; Ashraf, M.M.; Ahmed, Z.U.
1993 Lifetime of reusable syringes and needles. A field study Kofoed, Poul-Erik Lund; Rahman, A.K.S. Mahmudur; Bairagee, Martha; Nielsen, Birthe
1997 Shasthya sanglap vol. 6 no. 3[Bengali] International Centre for Diarrhoeal Diseases Research, Bangladesh
Jun-2009 Health and science bulletin vol. 7 no. 2[English] International Centre for Diarrhoeal Diseases Research, Bangladesh


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