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14-Jul-1983 A study of the prevalence of rotavirus infection in calves in the selected areas of Bangladesh Selim, Sheikh Abdus; Sarker, A. Jalil; Aziz, K.M.S.; Samadi, A.R.
Sep-1982 Comparison of string-test and stool examination in the diagnosis of stronglyoidiasis and giardiasis in gastroenteritis patients Rabbani, G.H.; Gilman, Roger H.; Islam, Asma; Froelich, J.
Aug-1984 Studies on multiply antibiotic-resistant vibrio cholerae 01 (MARVc) biotype Eltore isolated from patients with gastroenteritis Huq, M.I.; Glass, R.I.M.; Alim, A.R.M.A.; Haider, K.; Samadi, A.R.
Aug-1989 Ecology of Vibrio mimicus in aquatic environments Chowdhury, M.A.R.; Yamanaka, H.; Miyoshi, S.; Aziz, K.M.S.; Shinoda, S.
Apr-1989 Effect of Campylobacter jejuni extracts and culture supernatants on cell culture Akhtar, S.Q.; Huq, F.
1986 Prevention of gastroenteritis[book chapter] Rowland, M.G.H.
1985 Electropherotypes of ds-RNA of rotavirus in infants and young children with gastroentrities in Bangladesh Haider, K.; Huq, M.I.; Hossain, A.; Shahid, N.S.; Holmes, I.H.
Mar-1993 Enteric adenovirus infection among infants with diarrhea in rural Bangladesh Jarecki-Khan, Kerstin; Tzipori, Saul R.; Unicomb, Leanne E.
1981 Characterization of campylobacter species isolated from patients suffering from gstroenterities [abstract] Huq, M.I.; Glass, R.; Kibriya, A.K.M.J.
1985 Electropherotypes of ds-RNA rotavirus in children with acute gastroenteritis in Bangladesh [abstract] Haider, K.; Huq, M.I.; Hossain, A.; Shahid, N.S.
2002 The adaptive and inflammatory immune responses in patients infected with strains of vibrio parabemolyticus [conference paper] Qadri, Firdausi; Alam, Muhammad Shamsul; Nishibuch, Mitsuaki; Rahman, Taufiqur; Alam, Nur Haque; Chistti, Jobayer; Kondo, Seiichi; Sugiyama, Junichi; Bhuiyan, Nurul Amin; Mathan, Minnie M.; Sack, David A.; Nair, G. Balakrish
2003 Evaluation of acid steatocrit to assess steatorrhoea in young children with diarrhea in Bangladesh [abstract] Bardhan, Pradip K.; Alam, Nur H.; Beglinger, Christoph; Gyr, Niklaus


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