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22-Jun-1987 A case control study of risk factors for dehydrating diarrhoea in children Islam, Asma; Clemens, J.D.
1973 Renal fuction in acute asiateic cholera Cash, Richard A.; Lehman, J.S. Jr.; Hare, R.S.; Nalin, David R.
26-Jul-1984 Can dehydrating diarrhoea be associated with precipitation of cataract ? a retroapective limited study Khan, M.U.; Sheikh, M.A. Kashem; Khan, M.R.; Greenough, W.B.; Aziz, K.M.S.
16-May-1981 Limited study for the dehydration status of matlab patients (3,000): (1 September to 15 November 1980) Baqui, A.H.; Zaman, K.; Claquin, P.
Jul-1966 Non-cholera vibrios in diarrheal diseases of East Pakistan Goodner, K.; Smith, H.L.; Monsur, K.A.; Huq, Imdadul
2-Aug-1980 Use of antisera for identification of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli Merson, Michael H.; Rowe, Bernard; Black, Robert E.; Huq, Imdadul; Gross, Roger J.; Eusof, Abu
26-Feb-1983 Consequences of hyponatraemia and hypernatraemia in children with acute diarrhoea in Bangladesh Samadi, Aziz R.; Wahed, Mohammad A.; Islam, Mohammad R.; Ahmed, Syed M.
1983 Cost-effectiveness and user characteristics of clinic based services for the treatment of diarrhea: a case study in Bangladesh Horton, Susan; Claquin, Pierre
24-Dec-1983 Reduction of fluid-loss in cholera by nicotinic acid: a randomised controlled trial Rabbani, G.H.; Butler, Thomas; Bardhan, P.K .; Islam, Asma
1983 Replacement of intravenous therapy by oral rehydration solution in a large treatment centre for diarrhoea with dehydration Samadi, A.R.; Islam, R.; Huq, M.I.
Apr-1989 Persistent diarrhoea: a preliminary report on clinical features and dietary therapy in Bangladeshi children Roy, Swapan Kumar; Alam, Ahmed Nurul; Majid, Naseha; Khan, Ali Miraj; Hamadani, Jena; Shome, Gputam Pada
Apr-1996 Changes in water compartments in cholera patients by bioelectrical impedance[abstract] Hossain, M.I.; Fuchs, G.J.; Kabir, Iqbal; Khaled, M.A.
May-1996 Demonstration of a lack of synergistic effect of rotavirus with other diarrheal pathogens on severity of diarrhea in children Unicomb, Leanne E.; Faruque, Shah M.; Malek, M.A.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Albert, M.John
Feb-1997 Glutamine is superior to glucose in stimulating water and electrolyte absorption across rabbit ileum Islam, S.; Mahalanabis, Dilip; Chowdhury, A.K.A.; Wahed, M.A.; Rahman, A.S.M.H.
2000 An experiental animal model of dehydration[abstract] Islam, Sufia A.; Abely, Michel; Boisset, M.; Chowdhury, A.K. Azed; Desijeux, Jehan F.
May-2001 Efficacy of a packaged rice oral rehydration solution among children with cholera and cholera-like illness Zaman, K.; Yunus, M.; Rahman, A.; Chowdhury, H.R.; Sack, D.A.
Sep-2001 Role of cholestyramine in children suffering from acute diarrhea with moderate or severe dehydration[abstract] Khan, A.M.; Rautanen, T.; Alam, A.N.; Fuchs, G.J.
Sep-2001 Efficacy of a packaged rice oral rehydration solution among children with cholera and cholera-like illness[abstract] Zaman, K.; Yunus, Md.; Rahman, A.; Chowdhury, H.R.; Sack, David A.
Sep-2001 A malnourished animal model of dehydration[abstract] Islam, Sufia; Chowdhury, A.K.A.; Malek, M.A.; Fuches, G.J.; Desjaux, J.F.
Sep-2000 Determinants of use rate of oral rehydration therapy for management of childhood diarrhoea in rural Bangladesh Ali, Mohammed; Atkinson, David; Underwood, Peter
Dec-2009 Occult pneumonia: an unusual but perilous entity presenting with severe malnutrition and dehydrating diarrhoea Chisti, Mohammod J.; Salam, Mohammed A.; Sharifuzzaman; Pietroni, Marc A. C.
1977 Sucess of Dacca oral solution as the sole rehydrating fluid in moderately severe dehydration due to non-cholera diarrhea[book chapter] Rahaman, M. Mujibur; Verwey, W.F.; Islam, Safiqul
Dec-1966 Pathogenesis of the typical symptoms and signs of cholera and secondary features[lecture] Hirschhorn, Norbert
Dec-1980 Types of dehydration with particular reference to hypernatremia Samadi, Aziz R.; Wahed, M.A.; Islam, R.; Alam, Moenul; Shahabuddin
Apr-1981 Study of standard ORS in treatment of dehydration of infants less than six months of age Samadi, Aziz R.
Mar-1987 Dehydrating diarrhoea and cataract in rural Bangladesh Khan, Moslem Uddin; Khan, M.R.; Sheikh, A. Kashem
1991 Rice-ORS shortens the duration of watery diarrhoeas. Observation from rural Bangladesh Rahman, A.S.M.; Bari, A.; Molla, A.M.
1991 Record of clinicopathological conference of the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh clinical and autopsy findings of a Six-year old girl with malnutrition, amoebic colitis and peritonitis Ashraf, Hasan; Islam, Moyenul
Aug-1992 Breast feeding and oral rehydration at home during diarrhoea to prevent dehydration. Faruque, A.S.G.; Mahalanabis, D.; Islam, A.; Hoque, S.S.; Hasnat, A.
Jul-1993 Common diarrhea pathogens and the risk of dehydration in young children with acute watery diarrhea: a case-control study Faruque, A.S.G.; Mahalanabis, D.; Islam, A.; Hoque, S.S.; Hasnat, A.
Mar-1993 Enteric adenovirus infection among infants with diarrhea in rural Bangladesh Jarecki-Khan, Kerstin; Tzipori, Saul R.; Unicomb, Leanne E.
Sep-2007 Health and science bulletin vol.5 no.3[Bangla] International Centre For Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh
May-1981 Limited study for the dehydration status of Matlab patients (3,000) (1 September to 15 November 1980) Baqui, A.H.; Zaman, K.; Claquin, P.
2000 Vibrio cholerae O139 Bengal: a descriptive study Hossain, M. Shahadat; Salam, Mohammed Abdus; Rabbani, G.H.; Biswas, Rabi; Mahalanabis, Dilip
2003 Use of dipsticks for rapid diagnosis of cholera caused by Vibrio cholerae O1 and O139 from rectal swabs Bhuiyan, N.A.; Qadri, Firdausi; Faruque, A.S.G.; Malek, M.A.; Salam, M.A.; Nato, Farida; Fournier, J.M.; Chanteau, S.; Sack, David A.; Nair, G. Balakrish
2003 Association of cytolethal distending toxin locus cdtB with enteropathogenic Escherichia coli isolated from patients with acute diarrhea in Calcutta, India Pandey, Mritunjay; Khan, Asis; Das, Suresh C.; Sarkar, Bhaswati; Kahali, Soumen; Chakraborty, Subhra; Chattopadhyay, Santanu; Yamasaki, Shinji; Takeda, Yoshifumi; Nair, G. Balakrish; Ramamurthy, T.
1986 The acidosis of cholera. Contributions of hyperproteinemia, lactic acidemia, and hyperphosphatemia to an increased serum anion gap Wang, Fong; Butler, Thomas; Rabbani, G.H.; Jones, Paul K.


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