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2-Sep-2007 Risk Factors and Gender Differentials for Death among Children Hospitalized with Diarrhoea in Bangladesh Mitra, Amal K.; Rahman, Mohammad M.; Fuchs, George J.
2007 Prevention of malnutrition among young children in rural Bangladesh by a food-health-care educational intervention: a randomized, controlled trial Roy, Swapan Kumar; Jolly, Saira Parveen; Shafique, Sohana; Fuchs, George J.; Mahmud, Zeba; Chakraborty, Barnali; Roy, Suchismita
31-Aug-1997 Clinical trial to determine the efficacy and safety of hypotonic glucose based ORS with low sodium concentration inthe treatment of neonates and young infants with acute dehydrating diarrhoea Khan, Ali Miraj; Sarker, S.A.; Mazumder, R.N; Fuchs, George J.
10-Oct-1996 Effect of zinc supplementation during pregnancy and infancy on the immune responses to vaccines in Bangladeshi children Osendrap, Saskia J.M.; Fuchs, George J.; Santosham, Mathuram; Black, Robert E.; Hashem, Mohamed
7-Feb-1995 Estimation of absorption of electrolytes and macronutrient between reduced osmolar oral rehydration solutions in children with acute diarrhoea Mazumder, Ramendra N.; Bhattacharya, Mihir K.; Khatoon, Makduma; Khan, Ali M.; Mahalanbis, Dilip; Fuchs, George J.
31-Aug-1997 Evaluation of efficacy of parenteral gentamicin in a single daily dose versus conventional three divided doses in malnourished children Khan, Ali Miraj; Alam, N.H.; Ahmed, T.; Fuchs, George J.
9-Sep-1997 Evaluation of the impact of a home gardening programme in rural Bangladesh Fuchs, George J.; Khan, Mahmud; Aziz, K.M.A.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Vaughan, J. Patrick
30-Nov-1997 Promotion and support of exclusive breastfeeding and lactational amenorrhoea method by peer counsellors in rural Bangladesh Haider, Rukhsana; Kabir, Iqbal; Farruque, Tanzila; Bano, Shahara; Barkat-e-Khuda; Fuchs, George J.; Ashworth, Ann
4-Feb-2000 The efficacy of fish-oil supplementation to pregnant mothers on birth weight of their babies Kabir, A.K.M. Iqbal; Haider, Rukhsana; Akramuzzaman, Sayed; Fuchs, George J.
2-Sep-1997 The evaluation of treatment of rotavirus diarhhoea in infants and young children by oral administration of hyperimmune bovine colostrum(HBC) containing antibodies against human rotavirus serotypes: a randomised double-blind, Placebo-controlled clinical trial Sarker, S. A.; Fuchs, George J.; Alam, N.H.; Hossain, I.; Marshall, P.A.
4-Jul-2000 Use of metronidazole in improving nutritional rehabilitation of severly malnourshied children recovering from diarrhea: a randomized controlled trial Ahmed, Tahmeed; Fuchs, George J.; Khan, Ali Miraj; Hossain, Md. Jahangir; Islam, Md. Munirul; Nahar, Baitun
Oct-1997 Anticipating rotavirus vaccines: hospital-based surveillance for rotavirus diarrhea and estimates of disease burden in Bangladesh Unicomb, Leanne E.; Kilgore, Paul E.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Hamadani, Jena D.; Fuchs, George J.; Albert, M. John; Glass, Roger I.
Aug-1997 Long-term oral supplementation with iron is not harmful for young children in a poor community of Bangladesh Mitra, Amal K.; Akramuzzaman, Syed M.; Fuchs, George J.; Rahman, Mohammad M.; Mahalanabis, Dilip
Aug-1997 Noninvasive assessment of gastric acid secretion in man. Application of electrical impedance tomography (EIT) Sarker, Shafiqul A.; Mahalanabis, Dilip; Bardhan, Pradip K.; Alam, Nur H.; Rabbani, Khandaker S.; Kiber, Adnan; Hassan, Moinuddin; Islam, Shafiqul; Fuchs, George J.; Gyr, Klaus
1997 Risk factors for death from cholera[abstract] Dhar, Ujjwal; Ryan, Edward T.; Khan, Wasif A.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Salam, Mohammed A.; Calderwood, Atephen B.; Fuchs, George J.; Beenish, Michael L.
1997 Risk factors for severe persistent diarrhoea [abstract] Alam, Nur H.; Faruque, Abu S.G.; Dewan, Nahrina; Sarkar, Shafique A.; Fuchs, George J.
1998 Aetiological, clinical and epidemiological characteristics of a seasonal peak of diarrhoea in Dhaka, Bangladesh Faruque, Abu S. G.; Salam, Mohammad A.; Faruque, Shah M.; Fuchs, George J.
Aug-1998 Effect of dense diet on clinical course of acute shigellosis in undernourished children[abstract] Mazumder, Ramindra N.; Ashraf, Hassan; Hoque, Syed S.; Kabir, Iqbal; Majid, Naseha; Wahed, Mohammad A.; Fuchs, George J.; Mahalanabis, Dilip
Aug-1998 Helicobacter pylori colonization in infants and young children is not associated with acute diarrhoea[abstract] Sarker, Shafique A.; Rahman, M.M.; Mahalanabis, Dilip; Bhardhan, P.K.; Fuchs, George J.; Hilderbrand, P.; Beglinger, C.; Gyr, K.
Mar-1998 Intra- and extracellular water dynamics on rehydration in cholera and noncholera patients Hossain, Mohammed I.; Kabir, Iqbal; Fuchs, George J.; McCutcheon, Martin J.; Alvarez, Jose O.; Khaled, Mohammed A.
Aug-1998 Possibilities for zinc in the treatment of acute diarrhea Fuchs, George J.
Nov-1998 Predictors of serum retinol in children with shigellosis Mitra, Amal K.; Alvarez, Jose O.; Wahed, M.A.; Fuchs, George J.; Stephensen, Charles B.
Nov-1998 Urinary retinol excretion and kidney function in children with shigellosis Mitra, Amal K.; Alvarez, Jose O.; Guay-Woodford, Lisa; Fuchs, George J.; Wahed, M.A.; Stephensen, Charles B.
Mar-1999 Aeromonas-associated diarrhoea in Bangladeshi children: clinical and epidemiological characteristics Teka, Teka; Faruque, A.S.G.; Hossain, M.I.; Fuchs, George J.
Jul-1999 Long-term supplementation with iron does not enhance growth in malnourished Bangladeshi children Rahman, Mohammad M.; Akramuzzaman, Syed M.; Mitra, Amal K.; Fuchs, George J.; Mahalanabis, Dilip
Jun-1999 Mortality in severely malnourished children with diarrhoea and use of a standardised management protocol Ahmed, Tahmeed; Ali, Mohammad; Ullah, Mohammad M.; Choudhury, Ireen A.; Haque, Mohammad E.; Salam, Mohammad A.; Rabbani, Golam H.; Suskind, Robert M.; Fuchs, George J.
May-1999 Reduced mortality among severely malnoureised children with diarrhoea through the use of a standardized management protocol[abstract] Ahmed, Tahmeed; Ali, Mohammad; Ullah, Mohammad M.; Chanock, Ireen A.; Haque, Mohammad E.; Salam, Mohammad A.; Rabbani, Golam H.; Suskind, Robert M.; Fuchs, George J.
2000 Helicobacter pylori infection and gastric acid secretion in Bangladesh children[abstract] Fuchs, George J.; Sarker, Shafiqul A.
2000 Evaluation of the potential use of an osmotically driven ultrafiltration device for preparation of therapeutic feeds for home management of malnutrished children[abstract] Roy, S.K.; Tomkins, A.; Islam, M.S.; Seal, A.; Ahmed, T.; Fuchs, George J.; Strickland, D.; Asma, A.; Parvin, N.; Begum, R.
Jan-2000 A randomized, placebo-controlled trial of the effect of zinc supplementation during pregnancy on pregnancy outcome in Bangladeshi urban poor Osendarp, Saskia J. M.; van Raaij, M.A.; Arifeen, Shams E.; Wahed, M. A.; Baqui, Abdullah H.; Fuchs, George J.
Sep-2000 Anaemia and iron deficiency among adolescent schoolgirls in peri-urban Bangladesh Ahmed, F.; Khan, M.R.; Islam, M.; Kabir, I.; Fuchs, George J.
Feb-2000 Climate and infectious disease: use of remote sensing for detection of Vibrio cholerae by indirect measurement Lobitz, Brad; Beck, Louisa; Huq, Anwar; Wood, Byron; Fuchs, George J.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Colwell, Rita
Mar-2000 Maternal zinc supplementation in Bangladeshi urban poor improved immunity and reduced morbidity in LBW infants[abstract] Osendarp, S.J.M.; van Raaij, J.M.A.; Darmstadt, G.L.; Fuchs, George J.
Mar-2000 Iron status and Helicobacter pyloriinfection in periurban community children in Bangladesh[abstract] Fuchs, George J.; Sarker, Shafiqul A.
Mar-2000 Effective means to address moderately malnourished children within Bangladesh Integrated Nutrition Project (BINP) communities[abstract] Roy, S.K.; Fuchs, George J.; Sharmeen, T.; Mahmood, Jeba
Jul-2000 Mortality, morbidity, and microbiology of endemic cholera among hospitalized patients in Dhaka, Bangladesh Ryan, Edward T.; Dhar, Ujjwal; Khan, Wasif A.; Salam, Mohammed Abdus; Faruque, A.S.G.; Fuchs, George J.; Calderwood, Stephen B.; Bennish, Michael L.
Jan-2000 Neonatal diarrhea in a diarrhea treatment center in Bangladesh: clinical presentation, breastfeeding management and outcome Haider, Rukhsana; Kabir, Iqbal; Fuchs, George J.; Habte, Demissie
Nov-2000 Partially hydrolyzed guar gum-supplemented oral rehydration solution in the treatment of acute diarrhea in children Alam, Nur H.; Meier, Remy; Schneider, Heinz; Sarker, Shafiqul A.; Bardhan, Pradip K.; Mahalanabis, Dilip; Fuchs, George J.; Gyr, Niklaus
Mar-2000 RIsk factors of death among children in a diarrheal hospital in Bangladesh[abstract] Mitra, A.K.; Rahman, M.M.; Fuchs, George J.
Sep-2001 Clinical studies in persistent diarrhea: dietary management with green banana or pectin in Bangladeshi children Rabbani, Golam H.; Teka, Telahun; Zaman, Badiuz; Majid, N.; Khatun, Makhduma; Fuchs, George J.
Sep-2001 Local production of anti-vibrio cholerae mucosal antibody in reproductive tract tissues after cholera Ryan, Edward T.; Bridges, Emily A.; Crean, Thomas I.; Gausia, Kaniz; Hamadani, Jena D.; Aziz, Ayesha; Hawkes, Sarah; Begum, Monira; Bogaerts, Jozef; Faruque, Shah M.; Salam, Mohammmed Abdus; Fuchs, George J.; Calderwood, Stephen B.
Sep-2000 Efficacy of fish-oil supplementation to pregnant mother's on birth weight of their babies Kabir, AKM Iqbal; Haider, Rukhsana; Akramuzzaman, Sayed; Fuchs, George J.
1998 Effect of vitamin A administration on response to oral polio vaccination Rahman, Mohammad M.; Alvarez, Jose O.; Mahalanabis, Dilip; Wahed, Mohammad A.; Islam, Mohammad A.; Unicomb, Leanne; Habte, Demissie; Fuchs, George J.
1997 Gastrointestinal allergy to food: a review Ahmed, Tahmeed; Fuchs, George J.
1998 Symposium and workshop on zinc and health in South Asia Fuchs, George J.; Mahalanabis, Dilip; Alnwick, David


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