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4-Nov-2007 Antibiotic resistance pattern of heat-labile enterotoxin (LT) producing escherichia coli isolated from children with diarrhoea in Bangladesh: clonal relationshipamong isolates with different resistants phenotypes Faruque, Shah M.; Rahman, M.M.; Alim, A.R.M.A.; Hoq, M.M.; Albert, M.J.
17-Nov-2007 Production, characterization and immunodiagnostic application of a monoclonal antibody to shiga toxin Qadri, Firdausi; Mohi, M. Golam; Azim, Tasnim; Faruque, Shah M.; Kabir, A.K.M. Iqbal; Albert, M. John
19-Nov-2007 Molecular analysis of toxigenic vibrio cholerae strains isolated in Bangladesh during 1961-1996: relationship between continual emergence of new toxigenic clones and epidemics of cholera Faruque, Shah M.; Asadulghani; Alim, A.R.M. Abdul; Siddique, A.K.; Mekalanos, John; Albert, M.John
5-Sep-2007 Aetiology of diarrhoea in a birth cohort of children aged 0-2 Year(s) in rural Mirzapur, Bangladesh Hasan, Khundkar Z.; Pathela, Preeti; Alam, Korshed; Podder, Goutam; Faruque, Shah M.; Roy, Eliza; Haque, A.K.M. Fazlul; Haque, Rashidul; Albert, M. John; Siddique, Abul K.; Sack, R. Bradley
31-Oct-2007 Evaluation of a DNA probe to identify enteroaggregative escherichia coli from children with diarrhoea in Bangladesh Faruque, Shah M.; Haider, Khaleda; Rahman, M. Monzur; Alim, A.R.M. Abdul; Baqui, Abdullah H.; Ahmad, Qazi S.; Hossain, K.M. Belayet; Albert, M. John
Sep-1994 Distribution of Zonula occludens toxin (zot) gene among clinical isolates of Vibrio cholerae O1 from Bangladesh and Africa Faruque, Shah M.; Comstock, Laurie; Kaper, James B.; Albert, M. John
21-Nov-1996 Development and application of multiplex diagnostic PCR assays as an aid to clinical and environmental studies Faruque, Shah M.; Albert, M.J.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Mekalanos, John; Stoker, N.G.
9-Mar-1997 Ecological and epidemiological studies on Aeromonas spp. in Bangladesh with special emphasis on their spread between the environment and the humans Albert, M.John; Islam, M.Sirajul; Faruque, Shah M.; Ansaruzzaman, M.; Siddique, A.K.; Mollby, Ronald; Kuhn, Inger; Katouli, Mohammad; Sack, R. Bradley
3-Dec-1996 Epidemiology & ecology of vibrio cholerae in Bangladesh Siddique, A.K.M.; Albert, M.John; Sack, R. Bradley; Islam, Md. Sirajul; Faruque, Shah M.; Qadri, FIrdousi; Yunus, Md.; Colwell, Rita; Morris, J Glenn
7-Aug-1990 Genetic analysis and phenotypic correlation of the plasmids universally present in strains of S. dysentriae type 1 Haider, K.; Faruque, Shah M.; Nahar, S.; Tzipori, S.
1-Nov-1989 Identification of enteric pathogens using specific DNA probes as an aid to clinical and epidemiological investigations Faruque, Shah M.; Ahmed, Qazi Shafi; Alim, A.R.M. Abdul; Ahmed, Zia Uddin; Tzipori, S.
1994 Hemagglutinating properties of enteroaggregative Escherichia coli Qadri, Firdausi; Haque, Azizul; Faruque, Shah M.; Bettelheim, Karl A.; Robins-Browne, Roy; Albert, M. John
Apr-1994 Molecular analysis of rRNA and cholera toxin genes carried by the new epidemic strain of toxigenic Vibrio cholerae O139 synonym Bengal. Faruque, Shah M.; Alim, A.R.M. Abdul; Roy, Sanjit K.; Khan, Ferdousi; Nair, G. Balakrish; Sack, R. Bradley; Albert, M. John
Mar-1995 Controlled study of cytolethal distending toxin-producing Escherichia coli infections in Bangladeshi children Albert, M. John; Faruque, Shah M.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Bettelheim, Karl A.; Neogi, P.K.b.; Bhuiyan, N.A.; Kaper, James B.
May-1996 Demonstration of a lack of synergistic effect of rotavirus with other diarrheal pathogens on severity of diarrhea in children Unicomb, Leanne E.; Faruque, Shah M.; Malek, M.A.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Albert, M.John
Mar-1997 Emergence of a new clone of toxigenic Vibrio cholerae O1 biotype El Tor displacing V. cholerae O139 Bengal in Bangladesh Faruque, Shah M.; Ahmed, Kazi Mokim; Abdul, Alim A.R,M.; Qadri, Firdausi; Siddique, A.K.; Albert, M. John
Sep-1997 Molecular analysis of toxigenic Vibrio cholerae O139 Bengal strains isolated in Bangladesh between 1993 and 1996: evidence for emergence of a new clone of the Bengal vibrios Faruque, Shah M.; Ahmed, Kazi Mokim; Siddique, A.K.; Zaman, K.; Alim, A.R.M. Abdul; Albert, M. John
Oct-1997 Phenotypic and genotypic changes in Vibrio cholerae O139 Bengal Albert, M. John; Bhuiyan, Nurul A.; Talukder, Kaisar A.; Faruque, A. S. G.; Nahar, Shamsun; Faruque, Shah M.; Ansaruzzaman, Mohammed; Rahman, Mahbubur
1998 Aetiological, clinical and epidemiological characteristics of a seasonal peak of diarrhoea in Dhaka, Bangladesh Faruque, Abu S. G.; Salam, Mohammad A.; Faruque, Shah M.; Fuchs, George J.
Dec-1998 Analysis of clinical and environmental strains of nontoxigenic Vibrio cholerae for susceptibility to CTXPhi: molecular basis for origination of new strains with epidemic potential Faruque, Shah M.; Asadulghani; Saha, Manujendra N.; Alim, A. R. M. Abdul; Albert, M. John; Islam, K.M. Nasirul; Mekalanos, John J.
Dec-1998 Epidemiology, genetics, and ecology of toxigenic Vibrio cholerae Faruque, Shah M.; Albert, M. John; Mekalanos, John J.
Aug-1998 Induction of the lysogenic phage encoding cholera toxin in naturally occurring strains of toxigenic Vibrio cholerae O1 and O139 Faruque, Shah M.; Asadulghani, Alim A. R. M.; Albert, M. John; Islam, K.M. Nasirul; Mekalanos, John J.
Jan-1998 Small bowel and fecal microbiology in children suffering from persistent diarrhea in Bangladesh Bardhan, Pradip K.; Albert, M. John; Alam, Nur H.; Faruque, Shah M.; Neogi, Prodyot K.B.; Mahalanabis, Dilip
Nov-1999 Lysogenic conversion of environmental Vibrio mimicus strains by CTXPhi Faruque, Shah M.; Rahman, M. Mostafizur; Asadulghani; Islam, K. M. Nasirul; Mekalanos, John J.
May-1999 Molecular characterization of a new ribotype of Vibrio cholerae O139 Bengal associated with an outbreak of cholera in Bangladesh Faruque, Shah M.; Siddique, A.K.; Saha, MN; Asadulghani; Rahman, M. Mostafizur; Zaman, K.; Albert, M. John; Sack, David A.; Sack, R. Bradley
Nov-2000 Immune response of Bangladeshi children with acute diarrhea who subsequently have persistent diarrhea Azim, Tasnim; Islam, Laila N.; Sarker, Mohammed S.; Ahmad, Shaikh M.; Hamadani, Jena D.; Faruque, Shah M.; Salam, Mohammed A.
Aug-2000 Sunlight-induced propagation of the lysogenic phage encoding cholera toxin Faruque, Shah M.; Asadulghani; Rahman, M. Mostafizur; Waldor, Matthew K.; Sack, David A.
Oct-2000 The O139 serogroup of Vibrio cholerae comprises diverse clones of epidemic and nonepidemic strains derived from multiple V. cholerae O1 or non-O1 progenitors Faruque, Shah M.; Saha, Manujendra N.; Asadulghani; Sack, David A.; Sack, R. Bradley; Takeda, Yoshifumi; Nair, G. Balakrish
Sep-2000 Virulence genes in environmental strains of Vibrio cholerae Chakraborty, Soumen; Mukhopadhyay, Asish K.; Bhadra, Rupak Kumar; Ghosh, Amar Nath; Mitra, Rupak; Shimada, Toshio; Yamasaki, Shinji; Faruque, Shah M.; Takeda, Yoshifumi; Colwell, Rita R.; Nair, G. Balakrish
Oct-2001 Diminished diarrheal response to Vibrio cholerae strains carrying the replicative form of the CTX(Phi) genome instead of CTX(Phi) lysogens in adult rabbits Faruque, Shah M.; Rahman, M. Mostafizur; Hasan, A.K.M.; Nair, G. Balakrish; Mekalanos, John J.; Sack, David A.
Sep-2001 Local production of anti-vibrio cholerae mucosal antibody in reproductive tract tissues after cholera Ryan, Edward T.; Bridges, Emily A.; Crean, Thomas I.; Gausia, Kaniz; Hamadani, Jena D.; Aziz, Ayesha; Hawkes, Sarah; Begum, Monira; Bogaerts, Jozef; Faruque, Shah M.; Salam, Mohammmed Abdus; Fuchs, George J.; Calderwood, Stephen B.
Jun-1994 Evaluation of a non-radioactive chemiluminescent method for using oligonucleotide and polynucleotide probes to identify enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli Alim, A.R.M. Abdul; Faruque, Shah M.; Ahmad, Q.S.; Hossain, K.M. Belayet; Mahalanabis, Dilip; Albert, M. John
May-1991 Localized adherence and attaching-effacing properties of nonenteropathogenic serotypes of Escherichia coli Albert, M. John; Alam, Khorshed; Ansaruzzaman, M.; Montanaro, Jacqueline; Islam, Moyenul; Faruque, Shah M.; Haider, Khaleda; Bettelheim, Karl; Tzipori, Saul
Sep-1991 Outbreak of keratoconjunctivitis due to Salmonella weltevreden in a guinea pig colony Albert, M. John; Ansaruzzaman, M.; Faruque, Shah M.; Haider, Khaleda; Qadri, Firdausi; Islam, M. Moyenul; Kibriya, A. K. M. G.; Tzipori, Saul
1992 Differentiation of Shigella flexneri strains by rRNA gene restriction patterns Faruque, Shah M.; Haider, Khaleda; Rahman, M. Monzur; Alim, A.R.M. Abdul; Ahmad, Q. Shafi; Albert, M. John; Sack, R. Bradley
1992 Comparison of a modified adherence assay with existing assay methods for identification of enteroaggregative Escherichia coli Haider, Khaleda; Faruque, Shah M.; Albert, M. John; Nahar, Shamsun; Neogi, Prodyot K. B.; Hossain, A.
Apr-1992 DNA probe analysis of diarrhoeagenic Escherichia coli: detection of EAF-positive isolates of traditional enteropathogenic E. coli serotypes among Bangladeshi paediatric diarrhoea patients Strockbine, Nancy A.; Faruque, Shah M.; Kay, Bradford A.; Haider, Khaleda; Alam, Khorshed; Alam, A.N.; Tzipori, Saul; Wachsmuth, I. Kaye
1992 Genetic relation between Vibrio cholerae O1 strains in Ecuador and Bangladesh[letter] Faruque, Shah M.; Albert, John
Sep-1993 Clonal relationships among classical Vibrio cholerae O1 strains isolated between 1961 and 1992 in Bangladesh Faruque, Shah M.; Alim, A. R. M. Abdul; Rahman, M. Monjur; Siddique, A.K.; Sack, R. Bradley; Albert, M. John
Nov-1995 Molecular epidemiology of toxigenic Vibrio cholerae in Bangladesh studied by numerical analysis of rRNA gene restriction pattern Faruque, Shah M.; Roy, Sanjit K.; Alim, A.R.M.; Siddique, A.K.; Albert, M. John


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