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30-Aug-2007 Differentiation of vibrio cholerae O1 isolates with biochemical fingerprinting and comparison with ribotyping Ansaruzzaman, M.; Albert, M. John; Kuhn, I.; Faruque, S.M.; Siddique, A.K.; Mollby, R.
31-Oct-2007 Enteroaggregative escherichia coli infections in Bangladeshi children: clinical and microbiological features Haider, Khaleda; Faruque, S.M.; Shahid, N.S.; Albert, M.J.; Nahar, S.; Malek, A.; Tzipori, S; Alam, A.N.
Mar-1998 Cellular and humoral immune responses to rotvirus infection in Bangladeshi infants and relevance to rotavirus vaccine studies Azim, Tasnim; Salam, M. Abdus; Podder, Goutam; Wahed, M.A.; Faruque, S.M.; Albert, John; Unicomb, Leanne
1990 A comparative study on virulence-associated properties of campylobacter jejuni strains obtained from patients and healthy carriers Hossain, Ashfaque; Qadri, Firdausi; Faruque, S.M.; Albert, M. John
4-Mar-1991 The impact of infection at birth with rotavirus strains on subsequent rotavirus infection Shahid, Nigar S.; Albert, M. John; Banu, N. Nahar; Faruque, S.M.; Unicomb, Leanne; Banu, Khaleda; Elahi, B.; Bairagi, R.; Glass, R.; Urasawa, S.; Sack, R. Bradley
1993 Production of protease and haemolysin-possible markers of virulence in escherichia coli strains isolated from children with diarrhoea[abstract] Halder, Khaleda; Faruque, S.M.; Hossain, A.; Baqui, A.H.; Albert, M.J.; Nahar, S.; Bhuiya, N.A.; Sack, B.
13-Mar-1993 Large outbreak of clinical cholera due to vibrio cholerae non-01 in Bangladesh[letter] Albert, M. John; Siddiqi, A.K.; Islam, M.S.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Ansaruzzaman, M.; Faruque, S.M.; Sack, R. Bradley
Dec-1994 Cholera in Bangladesh and Goma, Zaire 1994[conference paper] Albert, MJ; Ansaruzzaman, M.; Bardhan, P.K.; Faruque, A.S.G.; Faruque, S.M.; Islam, M.S.; Mahalanabis, Dilip; Rahman, M.; Sack, R. B.; Salam, M.A.; Siddique, A.K.; Yunus, M.D.; Zaman, K.
Apr-1995 Controlled study of Escherichia coli diarrheal infections in Bangladeshi children Albert, M. John; Faruque, S.M.; Faruque, A.S.; Neogi, P.K.B.; Ansaruzzaman, M.; Bhuiyan, N.A.; Alam, K.; Akbar, M.S.
Mar-1995 Hypotonic oral rehydration solution in acute diarrhoea: a controlled clinical trial Mahalanabis, Dilip; Faruque, A.S.G.; Hoque, S.S.; Faruque, S.M.
Nov-1999 Case-control study of enteropathogens associated with childhood diarrhea in Dhaka, Bangladesh Albert, M. John; Faruque, A.S.G.; Faruque, S.M.; Sack, RB; Mahalanabis, Dilip
2000 Localproduction of anti-vibrio cholerae mucosal immune responses in reproductive tract tissues following cholera[abstract] Ryan, E.T.; Bridge, E.A.; Crean, T.I.; Gausia, K.; Hamadani, J.D.; Aziz, A.; Hawkes, S.; Begum, M.; Bogaerts, J.; Faruque, S.M.; Salam, M.A.; Fuchs, G.J.; Calderwood, S.B.
Sep-2001 Molecular basis for the emergence of new epidemic strains of vibrio cholerse[abstract] Faruque, S.M.
Jan-2001 Epidemiology and ecology of vibrio cholerae in Bangladesh : the association of environmental variables and cholera outbreaks[working report] Sack, R.B.; Sack, D.A.; Colwell, R.R.; Huq, A.; Chun, J.; Zo, Y.; Grim, C.; Lipp, E.; RIvera, I.; Morris, J.G.; Johnson, J.; Ali, A.; Sozhamannan, S.; Longini, I.; Nizam, A.; Weiss, P.; Siddique, A.K.; Islam, M.S.; Yunus, Md; Faruque, S.M.; Qadri, F.; Albert, M.J.; Nair, B.
Sep-2001 Molecular comparison of toxigenic clinical & non-toxigenic environmental strains of Vibrio cholerae O1 Ogawa isolated during an outbreak of cholera in south India Sinha, Sutapa; Chowdhury, Papia; Chowdhury, N.R.; Kamruzzaman, M.; Faruque, S.M.; Ramamurthy, T.; Bhattacharya, S.K.; Yamasaki, S.; Takeda, Y.; Nair, G.B.
1993 Rapid diagnosis of entamoeba histolytica infection and significance of nonpathogenic and pathogenic E. histolytica infections Haque, Rashidul; Faruque, S.M.; Hasan, Kh. Zahid
Nov-1991 An ELISA for the detection of localized adherent classic enteropathogenic Escherichia coli serogroups Albert, M.J.; Ansaruzzaman, M.; Faruque, S.M.; Neogi, P.K.; Haider, K.; Tzipori, S.
1992 A comparative study of specific gene probes and standard bioassays to identify diarrhoeagenic Escherichia coli in paediatric patients with diarrhoea in Bangladesh Faruque, S.M.; Haider, K.; Albert, M.J.; Ahmad, Q.S.; Alam, A.N.; Nahar, S.; Tzipori, S.
Nov-1992 Sharing of virulence-associated properties at the phenotypic and genetic levels between enteropathogenic Escherichia coli and Hafnia alvei Albert, M.J.; Faruque, S.M.; Ansaruzzaman, M.; Islam, M.M.; Haider, K.; Alam, K.; Kabir, I.; Robins-Browne, R.
1993 Characterisation of Plesiomonas shigelloides strains that share type-specific antigen with Shigella flexneri 6 and common group 1 antigen with Shigella flexneri spp. and Shigella dysenteriae 1 Albert, M.J.; Ansaruzzaman, M.; Qadri, F.; Hossain, A.; Kibriya, A.K.M.G.; Haider, K.; Nahar, S.; Faruque, S.M.; Alam, A.N.
Dec-1996 Differentiation of Vibrio cholerae O1 isolates with biochemical fingerprinting and comparison with ribotyping Ansaruzzaman, M.; Albert, M.John; Kühn, I.; Faruque, S.M.; Siddique, A.K.; Möllby, R.
2000 Treatment of enterotoxigenic and enteropathogenic Escherichia coli-induced diarrhoea in children with bovine immunoglobulin milk concentrate from hyperimmunized cows: a double-blind, placebo-controlled, clinical trial Casswall, T.H.; Sarker, S.A.; Faruque, S.M.; Weintraub, A.; Albert, M.J.; Fuchs, G.J.; Alam, N.H.; Dahlstrom, A.K.; Link, H.; Brussow, H.; Hammarstrom, L.
2001 The efficacy of bismuth subsalicylate in the treatment of acute diarrhoea and the prevention of persistent diarrhoea Chowdhury, H.R.; Yunus, M.; Zaman, K.; Rahman, A.; Faruque, S.M.; Lescano, A.G.; Sack, R.B.
2002 Molecular epidemiology of vibrio cholerae 0139 and studies to monitor the emergency of novel genetic variants of V. cholerae 0139 [conference paper] Nair, G. Balakrish; Faruque, S.M.; Sack, D.A.; Ramamurthy, T.; Bhattacharya, S.K.; Hamabata, T.; Takeda, Yoshifumi
2003 Infantile diarrhoea associated with sorbitol-fermenting, non-shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli O157:H- Chakraborty, S.; Khan, A.; Kahali, S.; Faruque, S.M.; Yamasaki, S.; Ramamurthy, T.


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